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Expert Nomination for JSR *  (insert JSR number here)

Privacy Statement

Oracle America, Inc. ("Oracle") respects your rights of privacy.

Information that you disclose to Oracle in this Nomination Form is intended to be used in selecting Experts and determining public support for the JSR specified above.

By providing this information to Oracle, you give your permission: (i) for Oracle to share the information with the Specification Lead, whether or not he or she is employed by Oracle, but only to assist the PMO and the Specification Lead in identifying, evaluating and selecting candidates to serve on the Expert Group and in communicating with them following their selection; (ii) for the PMO and the Specification Lead to share the information with members of the Expert Group as part of deliberations on whether to accept the nomination; and (iii) for the PMO and the Specification Lead to publicly disclose the nominee's name and/or company name (if participating as a Member representative) or just the nominee's name (if participating as an individual Member), along with the status of the nomination (accepted, rejected) and reasons for same.

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