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JSRs: Java Specification Requests
JSR 54: JDBCTM 3.0 Specification

Stage Access Start Finish
Final Release Download page 09 May, 2002  
Final Approval Ballot View results 04 Dec, 2001 17 Dec, 2001
Proposed Final Draft 4 Download page 25 Oct, 2001 26 Oct, 2001
Proposed Final Draft 3 Download page 02 May, 2001 03 May, 2001
Proposed Final Draft 2 Download page 28 Mar, 2001 29 Mar, 2001
Proposed Final Draft Download page 26 Oct, 2000 27 Oct, 2000
Public Review Download page 13 Sep, 2000 12 Oct, 2000
Community Draft Ballot View results 22 Aug, 2000 28 Aug, 2000
Community Review Login page 28 Jul, 2000 28 Aug, 2000
CAFE   18 Feb, 2000 13 Mar, 2000
JSR Approval   16 Feb, 2000 17 Feb, 2000
Status: Final
JCP version in use: 2.1
Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 1.0

The proposed specification will update the JDBCTM specification to reflect changes in the SQL specification and JavaTM platform.

Please direct comments on this JSR to the Spec Lead(s)

Specification Leads
  Lance Andersen Oracle
Expert Group
  America Online (AOL) BEA Systems Borland Software Corporation
  Hewlett-Packard IBM Informix Software
  Merant, Inc Oracle Silverstream Software
  Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Updates to the Original JSR

The following information has been updated from the original request.


Name of Maintenance Lead: Lance Andersen

E-Mail Address:

Telephone Number: +1 781 442 2037

Fax Number: -

Original Java Specification Request (JSR)

Identification | Request | Contributions

Section 1. Identification

Submitting Participant:

Sun Microsystems, Inc
901 San Antonio Rd, MS UCUP02-201, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Name of Contact Person: Jon Ellis, Linda Ho

E-Mail Address:,

Telephone Number: (408) 517-6918

Fax Number: (408) 863-3195

NOTE that this information has been updated from this original request.

Section 2: Request

2.1 Please describe the proposed Specification:

The proposed specification is for the next version of the JDBC API.

2.2 What is the target Java platform? (i.e., desktop, server, personal, embedded, card, etc.)

Java 2 Standard Edition (Targeted for a version 1.4)

2.3 What need of the Java community will be addressed by the proposed specification?

The proposed specification will update JDBC to reflect changes in the SQL specification and Java platform.

2.4 Why isn't this need met by existing specifications?

JDBC 2.1 already satisfies many of the requirements for developing database applications. Therefore, the emphasis of this release will be to:

  • consolidate the current core and optional package into a single entity
  • align JDBC 3.0 with the Java2 Enterprise Edition Connector Architecture
  • add minor new functionality to reflect support for SQL99
Note: alignment of JDBC 3.0 with Connector will not affect the backward compatibility of the current Datasource class.

2.5 Please give a short description of the underlying technology or technologies:

JDBC is a Java API for executing SQL statements.

2.6 Is there a proposed package name for the API Specification? (i.e., javapi.something, org.something, etc.)

  • java.sql
  • javax.sql

2.7 Does the proposed specification have any dependencies on specific operating systems, CPUs, or I/O devices that you know of?


2.8 Are there any security issues that cannot be addressed by the current security model?


2.9 Are there any internationalization or localization issues?


2.10 Are there any existing specifications that might be rendered obsolete, deprecated, or in need of revision as a result of this work?

The proposed JDBC 3.0 specification will supersede both the JDBC 1.22 and JDBC 2.1 specification.

Section 3: Contributions

3.1 Please list any existing documents, specifications, or implementations that describe the technology. Please include links to the documents if they are publicly available.

JDBC 1.22 API Specification -

JDBC 2.1 API Specification -

JDBC 2.0 Optional Package API -

JSR-000016 J2EE Connector Specification -

3.2 Explanation of how these items might be used as a starting point for the work.

The proposed JDBC 3.0 specification will include and augment the features described in the JDBC specifications listed above. The specification resulting from the Connector JSR will be used as the basis for aligning JDBC with the Connector Architecture.