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JSR 4: ECperf Benchmark Specification

Stage Access Start Finish
Maintenance Draft Review 2 Download page 19 Mar, 2002 22 Apr, 2002
Maintenance Draft Review Download page 01 Oct, 2001 05 Nov, 2001
Final Release Download page 06 Jun, 2001  
Final Approval Ballot View results 22 May, 2001 04 Jun, 2001
Proposed Final Draft Download page 16 May, 2001  
Public Review Download page 22 Feb, 2001 26 Mar, 2001
Community Draft Ballot View results 21 Nov, 2000 27 Nov, 2000
Community Review Login page 13 Oct, 2000 27 Nov, 2000
CAFE   26 Mar, 1999 30 Jun, 1999
JSR Approval   26 Mar, 1999  
Status: Maintenance
JCP version in use: 2.1
Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 1.0

ECperf is an EJBTM performance workload that is real-world, scalable and captures the essence of why component models exist.

Please direct comments on this JSR to the Spec Lead(s)

Specification Leads
  Shanti Subramanyam Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Expert Group
  Art Technology Group Inc.(ATG) BEA Systems Borland Software Corporation
  Hewlett-Packard IBM Informix Software
  iPlanet Oracle Progress Software
  Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sybase

Original Java Specification Request (JSR)

Identification | Request | Contributions

Section 1: Identification

Submitting Participant:

Shanti Subramanyam, Senior Staff Engineer,
Performance Application Engineering Group
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

voice: 650-786-6147

Section 2: Request

Targeted JavaTM Platform: Server/EJB

Need: Performance assessment and improvement of EJB server/containers, including database access.

Inappropriateness of existing workloads: Existing pertinent performance workloads (eg, TPC-C, TPC-W, SPECjvm, etc) are targeted to different and limited requirements. TPC-C represents standard OLTP transaction processing in a client/server environment. TPC-W represents standard web server multiplexing to a database. SPECjvm measures computer system performance for Java virtual machine* (JVM) client platforms. None of these workloads capture the gestalt of EJB: distributed, transactionally oriented components.

Specification: The ECperf specification describes a distributed, transactionally oriented workload metaphor, manifested in the form of a detailed component specification. The spec also specifies necessary run rules, a workload metric, how the workload scales, etc. A draft spec is already written, as are the EJB components that implement it.

Underlying Technology: EJB API's; commercial EJB server/containers.

Proposed package name for API specification: N/A. Workload name is ECperf.

Possible platform dependencies: Database DDL for table creation and load are O/S and DBMS dependent. Instantiation of RTE agents is O/S dependent. Everything else depends only on 100% pure Java and an EJB server/container that is compliant to the EJB specification.

Security, Internationalization, and Localization implications: Not an API spec. These characteristics are relevant to the extent that they impact performance in an interesting or useful way (security, for example).

Risk Assessment: Risks include failure of the Java platform due to poor performance; definition and domination of the distributed, transactional component performance agenda by a leading competitor; default use of TPC-C or TPC-W by the industry, thus selling the EJB promise short; and unilateral creation of EJB performance workloads by any or all of the many EJB server/containers. Re RI/CTS, the performance kit is each of these, and the workload can't be run unless the performance kit exists. Note that a verification audit is required, as is publication of a Full Disclosure Report.

Existing specs rendered obsolete by this work: None, although without Ecperf, TPC-C or TPC-W may come to be the default EJB performance workloads.

Existing specs that might need revisions as a result of this work: None, although see the previous paragraph.

Section 3: Contributions

Contact Shanti Subramanyam at Sun ( for details on the current state of the Ecperf work that will serve as a starting point.

This project would benefit particularly from the participation of ISV's that develop EJB server/containers and others who are interested in this area.

*As used on this web site, the terms "Java virtual machine" or "JVM" mean a virtual machine for the Java platform.