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Detailed Timeline

Abbreviated Timeline
Detailed Timeline

Time Process    

= Who participates & when:

  Initiation Public Expert Member
  JSR: Request to develop new
spec/revise existing spec via html
template. Submission of JSR
14 days JSR Review &
JSR Approval Ballot by EC
  Early Draft   Public Expert Member
  Formation of expert group   (Spec Lead)
  Write first draft   (Expert Group)
30 - 90 days Early Draft Review
  Updates to the draft (optional)     (Expert Group)
  Complete the Specification, Public Draft/Final Release   Public Expert Member
30 - 90 days Public Review
  Drafts updates (optional)   (Expert Group)
Last 7 days Draft Specification
approval ballot by EC
  Proposed final draft     (Expert Group)
  Completion of RI and TCK     (Spec Lead)
  Final draft Submission     (Spec Lead)
14 days Final approval ballot by EC        
  Final release     (Expert Group Disbands)
Maintenance:   Public Expert Member
Ongoing Maintenance updates   (Maintenance Lead)
30 days Maintenance reviews
Last 7 days EC item exception vote