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JCP EC minutes (public): March 6, 2012

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for 6 March 2012

version 0.1: March 7, 2012


March 6 , 2012





  • Patrick Curran, Heather Vancura
  • Stefano Andreani – not present
  • Aplix – John Rizzo – present
  • ARM – Andrew Sloss – present
  • AT&T Roger Mahler – not present
  • CableLabs – Jon Courney – present
  • IBM – Mark Rogalski – present
  • Werner Keil – present
  • Nokia – Erkki Rysa – present
  • Oracle – Calinel Pasteanu – present
  • RIM Chris Wood – present
  • Samsung – not present
  • Siemens Marquart Franz – present
  • SK Telecom Dave Kim – present
  • Deutsche Telekom Radomir Radomir Vencek – present
  • TOTVS – Aguinaldo Boquimpani – present
  • Vodafone Edin Bektesevic – present

Total attendance: 13

  • Azul Systems – Shyam Pillalamarri – present
  • Credit Suisse – Victor Grazi – present
  • Eclipse – Wayne Beaton – present
  • Ericsson – Magnus Lönnroth – present
  • Fujitsu – Mike DeNicola – present
  • Goldman Sachs – John Weir, Scot Baldry – present
  • Google Josh Blochpresent
  • HP – Scott Jameson – present
  • IBM – Steve Wolfe – present
  • Intel – Anil Kumar – present
  • London Java Community – Ben Evans – present
  • Oracle – Don Deutsch, Anish Karmarkar – present
  • RedHat – Scott Stark – present
  • SAP – Steve Winkler – present
  • SouJava – Yara Senger – present
  • Twitter – not present

Total attendance: 15

Since 75% of the ME EC's voting members were present, that EC was quorate for this meeting
Since 75% of the SE/EE EC's voting members were present, that EC was quorate for this meeting


Loss and restatement of voting privileges

Patrick led a discussion of the process whereby members lose and regain voting privileges as a consequence of their meeting attendance (see the PMO presentation.) The following decisions were reached:

  • Voting privileges are not regained until the end of the second consecutive meeting attended (as stated in the Standing Rules.)
  • We will not check periodically that members remain present throughout an entire conference call - members will be trusted to do the right thing.
  • Members are encouraged to inform the other meeting attendees if they have to leave a meeting early - preferably in advance, if this is known.
  • In the next revision of the Standing Rules we will remove the word "full" from this sentence: "Privileges are regained after full attendance at two consecutive meetings."

Patrick then described how the process will be implemented in's business-logic.

Personnel changes

Patrick reported the personnel changes (see the PMO presentation.)

EC stats

Heather Vancura delivered the EC stats presentation. Patrick once again reminded EC members of their obligation to vote in all JSR ballots.

Selecting topics for EC meeting agendas

Patrick encouraged EC members to submit suggestions for agenda items for EC meetings. He agreed to email a call for agenda items two weeks before each meeting.

Merging the EC aliases

Patrick noted that the separation of the two EC mailing lists made it difficult to hold a coherent discussion among all members, since the members on one EC can not post to, nor receive messages from members on the other EC. In anticipation of the upcoming merge of the two ECs he suggested that the PMO create a single merged alias now. Members agreed.

UPDATE: the new alias has been created and is in use.

JSR 355 Expert Group session

Patrick presented the current status of JSR 355, reporting that things are going very well.(see presentation.) He then briefly reviewed the draft versions of the new Process Document (redline, clean) and Standing Rules (redline, clean.) He encouraged members to review these documents offline, and to report errors and suggested changes by logging bugs in the Issue Tracker. He said that he planned to post the documents - including any additional changes suggested by members - as the Early Draft Review in a couple of weeks. Working Group session

Members reviewed the list of proposed items for discussion in Scott Jameson pointed out that the way in which items on the list are worded varies, with some being posed as questions ("should we...?) while others are worded in a more definitive manner, suggesting that there is consensus to implement them. He suggested that the document be modified to point out that nothing on the list is guaranteed to be implemented, and that everything is simply a proposal for discussion. Patrick agreed to do so.

Three new topics were added to the list:

  • Clarify Open Source policy
  • Compatibility policy
  • Collaboration with other Standards-developing organizations (SDOs)

The document has been updated accordingly (see here.)

Members then discussed a series of concerns that had been raised by RedHat and others on the EC mailing-list. Although this discussion concerned the TCK license for JSR 356 the issues raised are relevant to the following items from the list of items for discussion:

  • Reconcile the JSPA with transparency requirements
    • Ensure that the JSPA does not inhibit or conflict with transparency requirements specified in the Process Document.
    • Ensure that appropriate Terms of Use are applied when non-members participate in or comment on the work of Expert Groups.

The following specific problems with the license were raised by Scott Stark and Scott Jameson. Issues have been logged as indicated below.

Additional concerns were expressed about possible conflicts between confidentiality language in the JSPA and/or TCK licenses and the obligation of the EG and EC to evaluate the quality and coverage of the TCK before Final Release. These discussions are ongoing.