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JCP EC minutes (public): March 22, 2011

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for 22 March 2011


March 22 , 2011





  • Patrick Curran, Heather Vancura
  • Roberto Chinnici
  • Stefano Andreani – not present
  • Aplix – John Rizzo, Paul Su – present
  • AT&T Roger Mahler present
  • CableLabs – Jon Courtney – present
  • IBM – Mark Rogalski – present
  • Nokia – Erkki Rysa – present
  • Oracle – Roger Riggs – present
  • RIM Chris Wood – present
  • Samsung – not present
  • Sean Sheedy – present
  • Siemens – Marquart Franz – present
  • SK Telecom – not present
  • T-Mobile Gero Schultz – present
  • TOTVS – Aguinaldo Boquimpani – present
  • Vodafone – Edin Bektesevic – present

Total attendance: 12

  • Credit Suisse – not present
  • Eclipse – Mike Milinkovich present
  • Ericsson – Magnus Lönnroth present
  • Fujitsu – Mike DeNicola – present
  • Google – Josh Bloch – present
  • HP – Scott Jameson present
  • IBM –Steve Wolfe – present
  • Intel – Steven Chin – present
  • Werner Keil – present
  • Oracle – Don Deutsch, Anish Karmarkar – present
  • RedHat – Scott Stark – present
  • SAP – Steve Winkler – present
  • VMWare – not present

Total attendance: 11

Since 75% of the ME EC was present, that EC was quorate for this meeting
Since 75% of the SE/EE EC was present, that EC was quorate for this meeting


Personnel changes and Special Election update

Patrick reported several personnel changes (see the PMO presentation.) He reported that the date for the Special Election had still not been set, since Oracle is still seeking a suitable nomination for the second ratified seat. He noted that with Sony Ericsson's resignation there would now be two open elected seats: on on the ME EC and one on the SE/EE EC.

EC stats

Patrick reviewed the EC stats presentation and noted that during recent ballots all EC members voted. update

Patrick reported that the PMO is planning to use the infrastructure to provide collaboration features for Expert Groups and JCP members, noting that the transparency changes under consideration for (public aliases, issue tracking, etc.) would require the kind of facilities that provides. Werner Keil asked whether existing projects associated with JCP work would be migrated into the new "community." Patrick responded that they would.

Update on inactive JSRs

Heather Vancura reported on the PMO's Inactive JSR efforts. As requested at the last EC meeting the PMO has contacted the Expert Group and Spec Leads for all JSRs that have not proceded beyond Expert Group formation, asking them to either provide a plan to move forward, or to withdraw their JSRs. She reported that the EG for JSR 241 (The Groovy Programming Language) is considering reopening it. Mike Milinkovich pointed out that this JSR was part of an experimental proof of concept that languages other than Java could run on the JVM. Patrick responded that the multiple languages now run on the JVM and that this development will continue whether or not this particular JSR completes. Heather reported that the next step will be to search for alternative Spec Leads for those JSRs that have not been responsive. (See the home-page at The EC instructed the PMO to take similar actions for all JSRs that have made no progress since 2005.

The EC discussed what the next step should be if - as seems likely - there are no volunteers to take over these inactive JSRs. Since the Process Document does not give the PMO the authority to unilaterally shut them down it was decided to declare these JSRs Dormant (after a vote of the EC.) This would mean that they would be listed separately from the JSRs that are still formally in progress.

Community Outreach

Patrick reported on several outreach efforts he has engaged in during the past few weeks, including interviews and conference engagements (see the presentation for details.)

Java User Groups and the JCP

Patrick discussed the role of Java User Groups within the JCP (see presentation.) He noted that while we have been recruited several JUGs as JCP members we have not yet succeeded in harnessing their energy and encouraging more active participation. Patrick reported that he plans to visit several JUGs within the next few months and to continue to encourage their participation. He also noted that a similar "recruitment drive" is needed for organizational and corporate members.

Mike DeNicola suggested that a list of participating JUGs be posted on, together with a pointer to the JUG community page. (For an initial implementation of this suggestion see

Java EE update

Roberto Chinnici presented an overview of the plans for Java EE. He noted that JSRs 107 and 236 are not "inactive" but will be completed as part of Java EE 7 (new Spec Leads will be found.) He reported that the various Expert Groups were experiencing good participation, particularly for the newer JSRs.

Scott Stark noted that participation in the Platform EG was still low, and asked whether the EG was still recruiting members. Roberto responded that it was, and that several nominations were pending. Patrick noted that Oracle is the spec lead for the majority of EE JSRs, and asked Roberto whether he thought this was appropriate. Roberto responded that out of the 14 JSRs Oracle will lead 9, two will be shared, and three will be led by non-Oracle spec leads. He pointed out that the majority of the Oracle-led JSRs were historically led by Sun, and noted that most of the newer JSRs are being led by non-Oracle spec leads.

Korea f2f plans

Patrick outlined plans for the Korean f2f meeting. See the PMO presentation for details.

Date for telecon after Korea f2f

The EC agreed to move the telecon following the Korea meeting to June 7 so that it falls half-way between the previous and following meetings. Working Group report

Patrick reported that the working group is making good progress, and that it would meet for a two-day face-to-face meeting on March 29-30.

Compatibility redux

This topic was postponed to a later meeting due to lack of time.

Other business

Patrick reported that the PMO will be represented at JavaOne India. He noted that no decision has yet been made about the location or timing of the next US-based JavaOne event.