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JCP EC minutes (public): February 15, 2011

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for 15 February 2011


February 15 , 2011




(PMO Presentation)


  • Patrick Curran, Heather Vancura
  • Stefano Andreani – not present
  • Aplix – John Rizzo – present
  • AT&T – not present
  • CableLabs – Jon Courtney – present
  • IBM – Mark Rogalski – present
  • Nokia – Erkki Rysa – present
  • Oracle – Roger Riggs – present
  • RIM Chris Wood – present
  • Samsung – not present
  • Sean Sheedy – present
  • Siemens – Christoph Kuhmuench – present
  • SK Telecom – not present
  • Sony Ericsson – not present
  • T-Mobile Gero Schultz – present
  • TOTVS – Aguinaldo Boquimpani – present
  • Vodafone – Edin Bektesevic – present

Total attendance: 11

  • Credit Suisse – not present
  • Eclipse – Mike Milinkovich present
  • Ericsson – not present
  • Fujitsu – Mike DeNicola – present
  • Google – Josh Bloch – present
  • HP – Scott Jameson present
  • IBM –Steve Wolfe – present
  • Intel – Steven Chin – present
  • Werner Keil – not present
  • Oracle – Don Deutsch, Eduardo Gutentag – present
  • RedHat – David Bosschaert – present
  • SAP – Michael Bechauf – present
  • VMWare – not present

Total attendance: 11

Since 75% of the ME EC was not present, that EC was not quorate for this meeting
Since 75% of the SE/EE EC was not present, that EC was not quorate for this meeting


Personnel changes

Patrick reported several personnel changes (see the PMO presentation.)

EC stats

Patrick reviewed the EC stats presentation and noted that during recent JSR ballots several EC members did not vote. He reminded EC members of the importance of voting in every ballot.

Special election update

Patrick reported that Oracle is still searching for a suitable corporate nominee. He said that he hoped to be able to announce the date of the special election soon. Josh Bloch suggested that the nomination process would be simpler if Oracle looked for qualified individuals, since this would eliminate the need for corporate approval. John Rizzo suggested that other EC members be brought into the "recruiting" process, providing their perspective for prospective nominees. update

The EC went into private session for a brief update on Patrick reported that the PMO is actively researching collaboration-software platforms to provide Spec Leads and Expert Groups with the tools they need to carry out their work.

EC meeting attendance

EC members reviewed the updated EC meeting attendance chart, noting that several members - particularly on the ME EC - have a poor attendance record. Patrick agreed to follow up with these members and to remind them of the need to attend all meetings.

Update on inactive JSRs

Patrick reported on the steps the PMO has taken to encourage the Expert Groups of certain inactive JSRs (those that have not progressed beyond Expert Group formation) to either find a new Spec Lead or to withdraw their JSR (see the PMO presentation.) If these Expert Groups do not provide assurance that they are moving forward the relevant Executive Committee will vote to ask the PMO to search for alternative Spec Leads.

2011 meeting schedule

Members discussed the 2011 meeting schedule. Patrick reported that we still don't have confirmation that SK Telecom can host our upcoming face-to-face meeting in Korea. (Samsung have already informed us that they will be unable to do so.) Some members expressed concerns about the value of holding the meeting in Korea (requiring extensive travel for many) when the two Korean members of the EC seldom attend meetings. (Mike Milinkovich called this a "bogus idea.") Patrick responded that this is why we are proposing to hold the meeting there - to encourage their involvement. Members noted that if the EC does meet in Korea we should at the same time do PR and some outreach to the Korean developer community. We agreed to ask SK Telecom for a definitive answer by the end of next week. Patrick also agreed to follow up with Samsung to ensure that they will be able to attend a Korean meeting. Working Group report

Patrick reported on the recent work of the Working Group. For details, see the Master List of proposed changes. During the discussion the following decisions were made:

  • Remove confidentiality language from the JSPA
  • Drop the "clarify what we mean by FRAND" item from the list
  • Add an item to incorporate relevant portions of the EC Members' guide into the Process Document (for example, the specification of quorum at EC meetings.)

Java compatibility

Patrick quickly reviewed a presentation on Java compatibility. During discussion Josh suggested that if Oracle believes that compatibility is important they should give away the TCKs, and should not withold them from Apache or others. John Rizzo pointed out that - at least in the ME sector - voluntary self-certification is not working. He suggested that many phone vendors certify with the Oracle TCKs but ignore TCKs issued by other Spec Leads (all they want is the Java brand.) He suggested that stricter testing, perhaps in "round-robin style" whereby members test each others' devices, as is done in the BluRay Disk Association, would be one possible solution.

Patrick promised to take up this subject again during a future meeting

Other business

John Rizzo asked for an update on Oracle's announcements at Mobile World Congress, and also suggested that in future Oracle should coordinate with other EC members at similar events. Patrick agreed to arrange for an update at the next EC meeting, and to pass on the suggestion about coordination.