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JCP EC minutes (public): February , 2009

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for 25 February, 2009

version 0.1: March 5, 2009


February 25, 2009


Teleconference only 


  • PMO Topics presentation

  • Wednesday February 25



    • Patrick Curran, Max Lanfranconi, Heather Vancura

    ME EC

    SE/EE EC

    • Ericsson � not present

    • IBM � Mark Rogalski, Dan Bandera � present

    • Motorola � Mike Milikich � present

    • Nokia � Pentti Savolainen � present

    • Orange France � not present

    • Philips � Jon Piesing � present

    • Qisda � not present

    • RIM � not present

    • Samsung � not present

    • Sean Sheedy � present

    • Siemens � Christoph Kuhmuench � present

    • Sony Ericsson P�r-Anders Aronsson � present

    • Sun � Roger Riggs � present

    • Time Warner Cable George Sarosi � present

    • Vodafone � Kay Glahn � present

    Total attendance: 10

    • Apache � Geir Magnusson � present

    • Eclipse � Mike Milinkovitch � present

    • Ericsson � not present

    • Fujitsu � Mike DeNicola present

    • Google � Josh Bloch � present

    • HP � Scott Jameson � present

    • IBM � Steve Wolfe � present

    • Intel � Wayne Carr � present

    • Werner Keil � present

    • Doug Lea � present

    • Nortel � not present

    • Oracle � Anish Karmarkar � present

    • RedHat � not present

    • SAP � Vicki Shipkowitz � present

    • SpringSource � not present

    • Sun � Danny Coward � present

    Total attendance: 12

    Since 75% of the ME EC was not present, there was no quorum for the ME EC at this meeting.
    Since 75% of the SE/EE EC was present, there was a quorum for the SE/EE EC at this meeting.


    Agenda review

    Minutes of previous meeting

    Members reviewed the minutes of the January meeting. Comments from Wayne Carr and Sean Sheedy had been incorporated, but members asked for more time to review them. It was agreed that unless further comments were received by the end of day on Friday the minutes would be considered approved.

    EC statistics

    Heather presented the usual EC statistics. Patrick asked why members had not voted in recent JSR ballots. Josh Bloch said that this was probably just forgetfulness. Patrick asked the PMO to send reminders to those who haven't voted. When asked how members could cast their vote if they were unable to do so online, Patrick said that they could simply inform the PMO of their voting intentions.

    Personnel changes

    Patrick reported several changes (see the PMO Topics presentation). One correction was noted and later incorporated into the slides.

    Election update

    Patrick reported that the special election to fill Intel's vacated seat on the ME EC was in progress, with four candidates in the running. See the PMO Topics presentation for details.

    Update on Qisda JSRs

    Patrick said that although he had reported during the previous meeting that he hoped to be able to report progress to the ECs by now, things were moving more slowly than expected. He still anticipated being able to report good news soon.

    Spec Lead discussion - JSR 284: Resource Consumption Management API

    Greg Czajkowski from Google, Spec Lead for JSR 284, joined the conference call. He confirmed that he had no formal slides to present.

    Greg explained that the JSR was started while he was employed by Sun and completed after he had moved to Google. There was a considerable delay in completing the JSR due to difficulties in understanding the legal and licensing requirements. Greg suggested that the PMO provide more guidance for spec leads on licensing issues, and possibly also provide sample licenses that spec leads could adopt or adapt for their own purposes.

    Patrick responded that Josh Bloch had raised some of these issues at the last EC meeting, and requested Josh to provide some specific suggestions via email. He agreed that the PMO should provide more guidance.

    Patrick asked whether Greg had made any special efforts to be transparent. Greg responded that no special steps were taken, but that the Expert Group did receive useful feedback at each stage of the process.

    Greg pointed out that public interest in the JSR depended on the perceived likelihood of its chances of being incorporated into the base platform. Doug Lea pointed out the importance of getting buy-in early in the process for JSRs that wish to be incorporated into the platform. Patrick asked whether the original JSR submission expressed the intent to be incorporated into the platform. Doug responded that the answer was "we hope so".

    Patrick suggested incorporating a discussion of this topic into the Spec Lead Guide. Greg pointed out that while some JSRs can simply be deployed as libraries, others have a significant dependency on the VM. It was agreed that this topic should be addressed in the Spec Lead Guide, and Doug Lea agreed to help draft the text.

    The EC had no further questions for Greg. Patrick pointed out that the PMO now performs in-depth interviews with the Spec Leads for all completed JSRs, and that this would be an opportunity to learn more about JSR 248.

    Status of Apache/Sun negotiations

    The EC went into private session to discuss the state of the negotiations between Apache and Sun.

    Mobile World Congress report

    Patrick provided a brief report on his recent visit to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where he participated in a panel discussion on the role of Open Source in the mobile software business. He reported that the term Open was often used in a broader sense, to refer to the freedom of users to mix and match phone hardware, software, and access to networks. He reported, and Kay Glahn confirmed, that the newer open-source mobile platforms such as Android and Symbian received a great deal of attention at the congress.

    Patrick reminded EC members that they had committed to holding a special meeting focused on ME ecosystem issues. Sean Sheedy proposed that this be done soon - shortly after the special election for a seat on the ME EC.

    Patrick suggested meeting in about three weeks. Scott Jameson asked whether SE/EE EC members were free to participate in this meeting. Patrick confirmed that it would be open to all.

    Sean and Kay agreed to work together on an agenda.

    JSR 215 Maintenance review status

    Heather Vancura delivered a brief status review from the JSR 215 Maintenance Review working group. (See presentation.) She reported that the group had decided to operate in a completely transparent manner (as the EC is encouraging all Expert Groups to behave) and promised to report back regularly to the EC as progress is made.

    Transparency & agility update

    Heather delivered a presentation updating the ECs on the PMOs plans to encourage transparency and agility. Due to lack of time, discussion was postponed for a future meeting.