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JCP EC summary: June 24, 2008

Executive Committee Meeting Summary
for 24 June, 2008

version 0.5: October 13, 2008


June 24 , 2008




  • Roll call
  • Agenda review
  • Approve minutes and summary from May 2008 meeting
  • EC stats (for offline review only)
  • Personnel changes
  • Results of electronic vote on postponing EC election to fill BEA's seat
  • Status of Apache negotiations (Geir Magnusson, Onno Kluyt) followed by discussion of next steps
  • JCP reform proposals (Patrick)


  • Patrick Curran
  • Qisda – not present
  • Jean-Marie Dautelle – not present
  • Ericsson – Magnus Olsson – present
  • IBM – David Girle, Dan Bandera – present
  • Intel – Tony Baker – present
  • Motorola – Mike Milikich present
  • Nokia – not present
  • Orange France – not present
  • Philips – Jon Piesing – present
  • RIM – James Warden – present
  • Samsung – not present
  • Siemens – Christoph Kuhmuench present
  • Sony-Ericsson – not present
  • Sun – Calinel Pasteanu present
  • Time Warner Cable – George Sarosi – present
  • Vodafone – G´┐Żnter Klas, Kay Glahn present

Total attendance: 10

  • Apache – Geir Magnusson – present
  • Eclipse – Mike Milinkovitch, Wayne Beaton present
  • Fujitsu – Mike DeNicola present
  • Google – Josh Bloch – present
  • HP – Scott Jameson – present
  • IBM – Mark Thomas, Steve Wolfe – present
  • Intel – Wayne Carr – present
  • Red Hat – Mark Little – present
  • Doug Lea – present
  • Nortel – Bryn Rahm – present
  • Oracle – Don Deutsch, Anish Karmarkar – present
  • SAP –Vicki Shipkowitz – present
  • SAS – Rich Main – present
  • Hani Suleiman – present
  • Sun – Danny Coward – present

Total attendance: 15

Also present: Onno Kluyt for Sun.
Since 75% of each EC were not present, there was no quorum for this meeting


Nokia and Sony-Ericsson tried to join the call but were unable to do so due to an unexpected change in the international dial-in number. The PMO apologizes for the inconvenience.


Minutes, summary from previous meetings

Due to the late publication of the minutes and summary for the May EC meeting, approval was postponed until the next meeting.

PMO Topics

EC statistics were presented for offline review. The following personnel changes were reported:

  • ME EC
    • Christopher David replaced Jeff Griffin as the primary rep for Sony Ericsson. Christian Nord is the new alternate.
    • James Warden replaced Mike Rybak as the primary rep for RIM. Mike is now the alternate rep.
  • SE/EE EC
    • Jim Lee is no longer the alternate contact for Qisda. No new alternate has yet been named.

Results of electronic vote on postponing election to fill BEA's seat on the SE/EE EC

During the May EC meeting it was decided to hold an electronic vote on the question: We wait until the usual JCP EC elections in October in order to fill the vacant seat on the SE/EE EC committee, rather than calling a special election before then. The results were as follows:

Qisda Disqualified Apache Yes
Jean-Marie Dautelle   BEA Yes
Ericsson Abstain Eclipse Yes
IBM   Fujitsu Yes
Intel Yes Google Yes
Motorola Abstain HP Yes
Nokia Abstain IBM Yes
Orange Abstain Intel Yes
Philips Yes Red Hat Yes
RIM Abstain Doug Lea  Yes
Samsung Disqualified Nortel Yes
Siemens Yes Oracle Yes
Sony-Ericsson Disqualified SAP Yes
Sun   SAS Yes
Time Warner Abstain Hani Suleiman Yes
Vodafone Abstain Sun Yes

Technically the vote failed, since there were insufficient yes votes on the ME EC. After some discussion it became apparent that ME members abstained because they believed this was a matter that should be left to the SE/EE EC to decide, and not because they had any concerns. Taking the sense of the meeting, the ECs decided to postpone the election for BEA's seat rather than hold a special election.

Status of Apache negotiations

Geir Magnusson and Onno Kluyt reported that Sun and Apache have failed to reach agreement on the terms under which the JCK would be licensed to Apache for use in the Harmony project. They also reported that no further discussions are planned. Onno stated that Sun has no immediate plans to submit the JSR for Java SE 7. Rather, Sun plans to continue SE 7 development work through the OpenJDK project and through component JSRs that are already in progress. He expressed the hope that when the JSR is submitted at some point in the future the EC will approve it.

EC members expressed their disappointment at this outcome, and discussed the possible implications without reaching any firm conclusions.

JCP reform proposals

EC members briefly discussed the proposals for JCP reform. Patrick agreed to prepare a presentation for further discussion at the next meeting.

Next meeting

Teleconference. August 5, 2008 at 7:00 am PDT (UTC-7).