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JCP EC summary: September 2007

Executive Committee Meeting Report
for September 2007


September 25 , 2007




Tuesday September 25
  • Agenda Review and roll call
  • Minutes, summary from previous meeting
  • Electronic vote result
  • Personnel changes
  • JSR statistics
  • Election status
  • Logistics for future meetings
  • Moving forward on JSR 306
  • Improving spec quality

EC Attendance

  • Patrick Curran, Liz Kiener, Max Lanfranconi
  • BenQ - SS Chen  – not present
  • Jean-Marie Dautelle
  • Ericsson Mobile Platforms – Magnus Olsson
  • IBM – Mark Thomas, Dan Bandera
  • Intel – Eric Dittert
  • Motorola – not present
  • Nokia –Pentti Savolainen, Dietmar Tallroth
  • NTT DoCoMo – Max Hata
  • Orange France – not present
  • Philips – Jon Piesing
  • RIM - Mike Rybak
  • Samsung – not present
  • Siemens – Marquart Franz
  • Sony-Ericsson – Jeff Griffin
  • Sun – Calinel Pasteanu, Roger Riggs
  • Vodafone – Günter Klas

Total attendance: 12

  • Apache – Geir Magnusson
  • BEA – Ed Cobb
  • Borland - Ravi Kumar
  • Fujitsu – Mike DeNicola
  • Google - Josh Bloch
  • HP – Scott Jameson
  • IBM – Mark Thomas, Steve Wolfe
  • Intel – Wayne Carr
  • Red Hat Middleware – Sacha Labourey
  • Doug Lea 
  • Nortel Networks – Harpreet Geekee
  • Oracle – Don Deutsch
  • SAP  - Vicki Shipkowitz
  • SAS - Rich Main
  • Hani Suleiman
  • Sun – Danny Coward, Peter Walker, Roberto Chinnici

Total attendance: 16


Since 12 members of each EC were present, there was a quorum for this meeting.


Agenda Review and roll call

Minutes and summary from previous meetings

The meeting minutes and summary for the August meeting were approved after minor corrections to the attendance record.

Electronic vote results

The chair reported the results of an electronic vote on a motion proposed by Apache and seconded by Intel addressing the use of Field Of Use clauses in TCK licenses. The text of the motion was:

"TCK licenses must not be used to discriminate against or restrict compatible implementations of Java specifications by including field of use restrictions on the tested implementations or otherwise.  Licenses containing such limitations do not meet the requirements of the JSPA, the agreement under which the JCP operates, and violate the expectations of the Java community that JCP specs can be openly implemented."

The results were:

  • ME EC: 13 in favor, 1 against, 2 ineligible to vote
  • SE/EE EC: 13 in favor, 1 against, 2 ineligible to vote

The Chair informed the EC that the PMO will take no further action on this motion.

Personnel changes

None to record.

JSR stats

Patrick Curran presented the usual monthly update on JSR statistics.

Election status

The chair reported that the PMO was in the process of finalizing the nominations for ratified seats in the EC elections that were scheduled begin on October 2.

Logistics for future meetings

Members discussed the location of the December face-to-face meeting and possible adjustments to the schedules for 2009. The EC agreed to maintain the current schedule for monthly teleconferences to accomodate the geographic dispersion of the EC teams.

Moving on with JSR 306

The EC discussed the possibility of making progress on JSR 306.

Improving spec quality

Patrick Curran led a brief discussion on the possibility of providing some training for spec leads on best practices for improving spec quality.

Next meeting

October 23 2007 @ 2PM PDT (UTC -7)


  • +1 866 839 8145
  • +1 865 524 6352
  • Access Code: 346 0492