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The Java Community Process(SM), Version 2.0

The Java Community ProcessSM Program, Version 2.0
(Public Review closes May 30, 2000)

The first version of the Java Community ProcessSM program was introduced on December 8, 1998. In a little over a year since that time, more than 200 companies and organizations have become participants, and more than 60 Java technology specifications have started through the process.

In late 1999, Sun began working with leading Java technology partners to revise the JCP program based on experience gained during the first year of operation. That work has culminated in this draft we are calling "JCP 2.0."

Please note that this draft of JCP 2.0 is the result of input and discussions with major Java technology partners. In this public review, we are looking for feedback on the structure of JCP 2.0 particularly from the developer and user communities. The JCP 2.0 is still a "work in progress," and we welcome your input on further changes that will make the JCP 2.0 useful to the widest possible portion of the international Java community.

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