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The Java Community Process Program -- August 2003 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — August 2003 Newsletter

JCP News Bulletin
August 2003

Here is your August edition of the PMO News Bulletin.  This Bulletin
is sent to JCP (sm) Members, Spec Leads and Experts and is scheduled to
be a monthly insert in your email inbox. This edition covers some recent
news, The Executive Committee Elections, JCP 2.6 (JSR 215), JCP Training
dates and some noteworthy JSRs.
 ** Recent News **
Find out about more about the latest happenings in the Java Community
Process (sm) (JCP sm) program, by visiting  the "What's New" area of the
JCP web site: .

The PMO is proud to present a new meeting facilitation service to you. 
If you would like to set up a meeting with a Spec Lead/Expert  Group of
a related JSR, a dependent JSR, or invite EC Members to one of your
meetings, please contact the JSR Program Manager, Liz Cadd at for your coordination needs and meeting rooms. Liz is
also available for JSR kickoff meetings and conference calls for new
Spec Leads.

** JCP EC Elections: October 2003 - November 2003 **
Preparations for the Executive Committee (EC) Elections are underway,
with the ratification ballot opening on October 1.  The JSPA contact(s)
for each JCP member company or individual are eligible to vote and will
be sent the voting materials. To confirm that we have the correct JSPA
contact within your company please send e-mail to

Following the ratifications, nominations for the open elections can be
submitted. If you or your company is interested in joining one of the
ECs this is a good time to prepare your nomination. The nomination
template will become available from the web site on October 17.

For more information on the Elections:

JSR 215 is now in Community Review through 8 September 2003.  We urge
all community members to review and provide comments on this JSR. 

The PMO is planning to hold at least two community meetings in August to
discuss the JSR and listen to member feedback.  Please RSVP to the
comments alias for this JSR: More detailed
directions and maps will be sent to those who RSVP. If there is
interest in having another meeting in Europe or elsewhere, please
respond to the comments alias and we will set something up.  

- Wednesday, August 20; 6:00 - 7:30 PM: Boston, Massachusetts
- Wednesday, August 27; 6:00 - 7:30 PM: Santa Clara, California
Review the draft and more information on the community meetings here: .

The next JCP Training and a Communication session is coming soon to the
Boston area.  Liz Cadd, JSR Program Manager, will be holding her
invaluable training session on Thursday, October 2 & Friday October 3,
at the Sun campus in Burlington, Massachusetts. The session is open to
all JCP members. Please contact Liz for more details at

 ** Noteworthy JSRs **
This section of the News Bulletin calls out JSRs that have news to share
with the Java Community. If your JSR has something newsworthy to report
then send an alert ("Hey PMO!") to

- Some very exciting JSRs recently entered Community Review:  JSR 201,
Enums, Autoboxing, Foreach, Varargs, Static Import, and JSR 175,
Metadata, round out the new Java programming language features proposed
for J2SE 1.5 (in addition to JSR 14, Generics, JSR 200, Network Transfer
Format for Java Archives, and JSR 166, the long-awaited Concurrency
Utilities library. JSR 166 is one of the most eagerly
anticipated libraries in J2SE 1.5, led by the redoubtable Doug Lea,
professor, author, JCP EC member, and programmer extraordinaire.
Download, review and comment on these Community Review Drafts here:
For more information on J2SE 1.5 language features see this article: .

- JSR 188, CC/PP Processing, published a Proposed Final Draft on 1
August 2003: .

- The expert group for JSR 195, Information Module Profile
Specification, has made the final release of its specification.  This
JSR provides the J2ME environment for those embedded networked devices
that wish to support a Java runtime environment, but that do not have
graphical display capabilities, like wireless modules in modems and
selling machines.  The final specification is available here: 

Remember, all JSRs operating under JCP 2.5 (the current version of the
JCP) require that all expert group member entities have signed the JSPA2
located here:
** Contact Information **
Here is how to contact the Program Office:

        - To submit proposals for new JSRs.

        - To send in your draft and/or final specification documents and
related materials. (as .pdf or Zip archive, please. Other formats will
not be posted).

        -In case you misplaced your Member password....

         - To reach the PMO.

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