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The Java Community Process Program -- July 2004 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — July 2004 Newsletter

JCP News Bulletin
July 2004

Here is your July edition of the PMO News Bulletin. This Bulletin is 
sent to JCP (sm) Members, Spec Leads and Experts and is scheduled to be 
a monthly insert in your email inbox. This edition covers some recent 
news, the JCP program member logo, JCP award winners, a JCP usability 
call for volunteers, a reminder for upcoming JCP training and some 
noteworthy program office changes and JSRs.

Find out about more about the latest happenings in the Java Community 
Process (JCP) program, by visiting the JCP web site--our front page now 
highlights for you recent JCP happenings: .

The JCP program logo is now available for JCP member use only. A member 
version of the JCP program logo can now be used on your website, 
promotional materials, business cards, tradeshow signage, and more. 
Showcase your participation in evolving Java technology specifications.

All current JCP members, including individual JCP members (but not 
Individual experts) can apply online here: .

At the 2004 JavaOne Conference, San Francisco, the JCP Awards were 
presented during the annual community event, Java Technology Communities 
in Action, on Tuesday, 29 June. This year the presentation of the second 
annual JCP awards, also included the JavaPro Community Awards. 
Congratulations to the award winners! To read more about the award 

-JCP Member of the Year
Doug Lea
-Outstanding Spec Lead for J2SE/J2EE JSR
Josh Bloch (Sun), JSR 175 and JSR 201
-Outstanding Spec Lead for J2ME JSR
Tolga Capin (Nokia), JSR 226
-Most Innovative JSR for J2SE/J2EE
JSR 241, Groovy
-Most Innovative JSR for J2ME
JSR 234, Advanced Multimedia Supplements

-Outstanding Individual or Group Contribution to Java Technology
Craig McClanahan (Sun)
-Outstanding Individual or Group Contribution to the Java Community
Onno Kluyt (JCP Program Office)

The JCP is seeking JCP member or individual expert participants for an 
upcoming usability study during the week of 26 July or the week of 2 
August. If you fit the participant criteria listed below, please reply 
to this announcement by emailing Include in your response 
title "usability", your contact information AND a brief description re: 
how you specifically match the criteria. All participants must be able 
to attend a session at the Sun Campus US West Coast usability labs and 
will receive $150 for a 90 minute commitment and their important feedback.

-Are JCP members or individual experts
-Have 2 or more years Java development experience
-Spend more than 50% (preferably more) of their work time developing in 
-Willing to be videotaped during the study and sign a non-disclosure 

** 2004 JCP Training **
Liz Kiener is conducting one more JCP training session for the season. 
This session will be held on the US East Coast at the Sun Campus in 
Burlington, MA: 7 - 8 September 2004.
Contact Liz  to 
reserve your space and view more information here: .

A couple of furniture moving changes have happened in the program office 
recently. Onno Kluyt, replaces Rob Gingell as the JCP Chair and Aaron 
Williams transitions from EC Manager to Manager of the Program 
Management Office (PMO). This should be a very seamless transition since 
both Onno and Aaron have been involved in the JCP for some time and Rob 
will still be involved in the JCP program moving forward. 
Congratulations to Onno and Aaron!

-Two new JSRs for the Java Micro Edition have been submitted by Vodafone 
and Nokia. These JSRs are open for review, comment and EG nominations. 
JSR 248, Mobile Service Architecture for CLDC, creates a mobile service 
architecture and platform definition for the high volume wireless 
handsets continuing the work started in JSR 185 and enhancing the 
definition with new technologies. JSR 249, Mobile Service Architecture 
for CDC, creates a platform definition for the advanced mobile handsets 
and builds on the J2ME Foundation Profile specification and other JSRs 
as will be selected. You can view the JSRs here:, .

-The Early Draft Specification for JSR 220, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, is 
now available for Review from the list of Early Draft Reviews page and 
also the JSR 220 detail page. This review closes on 30 July 2004. .

-The Proposed Final Draft Specification for JSR 176, J2SE 1.5 (Tiger) 
Release Contents, is now available from the list of Proposed Final 
Drafts page as well as the JSR 176 detail page: .

-The Expert Group for JSR 212, SAMS: Messaging, has completed its work 
and published the Final Release of the specification. The Final Release 
of the specification is available from the list of Final Reviews page 
and also from the JSR detail page: .

Here is how to contact the Program Office:
- to submit proposals for new JSRs.

- to send in your draft and/or final specificationb
documents and related materials (as .pdf or Zip archive, please. Other
formats will not be posted).

- in case you misplaced your Member access

- to reach the PMO.

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