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The Java Community Process Program -- June 2004 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — June 2004 Newsletter

JCP News Bulletin
June 2004

Here is your June edition of the PMO News Bulletin.  This Bulletin is
sent to JCP (sm) Members, Spec Leads and Experts and is scheduled to be
a monthly insert in your email inbox. This edition covers some recent
news, the JCP program member logo, JCP activities at the 2004 JavaOne
Conference (sm), a reminder for upcoming JCP training and some
noteworthy JSRs.

 Find out about more about the latest happenings in the Java Community
 Process (JCP) program, by visiting the JCP web site--our front page now
highlights for you recent JCP happenings.  Check here for the 2004 JCP
Award Winners to be posted later this week: .

The JCP program logo is now available for JCP member use only.  A member
version of the JCP program logo can now be used on your website,
promotional materials, business cards, tradeshow signage, and more.
Showcase your participation in  evolving Java technology specifications.

All current JCP members can apply online here: .

Save the following dates and times for the JCP activities at JavaOne San
Francisco, including the annual Community Event & Awards, the JCP BOF,
the JCP Expert Group room at the Argent and the JCP pod.

-The Java Communities in Action Event, Tuesday, 29 June, 6:00 PM - 9:00
PM, The Argent Hotel, Metro 3 Room.  This event is open to all JCP
members and will include the presentation of the second annual JCP Awards,
along with the JavaPro Community Awards.  All JCP members welcome! Spec Leads
and EG members interested in highlighting their JCP efforts at the
event, please contact the PMO at

-The JCP BOF 2744 Wednesday, June 30, 7:30 PM, Golden Gate #1, The
Marriott Hotel.

-The JCP Pod #816 at the Sun booth in the Pavilion.  Stop by to visit
with members of the PMO and to pick up your JCP member, JCP EC member or

JCP spec lead badge ribbons.

 -The JCP EG Meeting Room, The Argent Hotel, Cornell Room
This room will be available for JCP expert groups use Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday all day.  Contact to reserve your time

For more information on the JavaOne Conference visit: .

Summaries of the JCP EC Meetings are available on for JCP
members only.  Use your Member access information to access the minutes
posted here:


** 2004 JCP Training **
Liz Cadd is conducting her famous JCP training in three locations during
2004.  Two very successful sessions have been completed in the US (West
Coast) and Europe (France)--thank you to the participants of those
sessions for your valuable feedback. The JCP training session is coming
soon to the US East Coast at the Sun Campus in Burlington, MA: 7 - 8
September 2004 .  Contact Liz Cadd to reserve your space and view more
information here: .

-JSR 73, Java Data Mining Specification (JDM), is now in the Final
Approval Ballot. Significant enhancements and clarifications have been
made to the specification and the proposed final draft includes a Web
Services interface for JDM with XML Schema and WSDL.  This JSR  provides
a framework for performing common data mining operations, while
facilitating the introduction of new or non-standard mining algorithms.
To facilitate public exchange of ideas on JDM, a new project on
is getting started:
datamining at,
providing a discussion forum, announcements, and document sharing among
Java Data Mining users.
You can view the JSR here: .

-JSR 240, JSLEE v1.1, held its kick-off meeting in Dallas on 25 May. The
expert group identified the key priorities for JSLEE evolution. Some of
the key priorities discussed include Resource Adapter Architecture,
JSLEE and J2EE Integration, JSLEE relevance to other standard bodies,
Profile Updates and Service examples.  The expert group also decided to
close the JSR's to new experts at the end of June. If you are planning
to attend the 2004 JavaOne Conference, stop by the JSLEE booth and check
out the JSLEE SIP (JSR 32) demo from the Japanese team.  To view JSR 240
or to sign up for the expert group:

-JSR 75, PDA Optional Packages for the J2ME tm Platform, is now final.
Download the final release here: .

Here is how to contact the Program Office:
- to submit proposals for new JSRs.

- to send in your draft and/or final specificationb

documents and related materials (as .pdf or Zip archive, please. Other
formats will not be posted).

- in case you misplaced your Member access

- to reach the PMO.

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