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The Java Community Process Program -- June 2003 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — June 2003 Newsletter

JCP News Bulletin
June 2003

Here is your June edition of the Java Community Process SM (JCP SM)
program PMO News Bulletin.  This Bulletin is sent to JCP Members, Spec
Leads and Experts and is scheduled to be a monthly insert in your email
inbox. This edition covers the some recent news, JCP activities at the
JavaOne SM Conference in San Francisco, a PMO holiday closure, and some
noteworthy JSRs.
** Recent News **
Find out about more about the latest happenings in the JCP program, by
visiting  the "What's New" area of the JCP web site:
Most recently, a JCP 2.6 announcement:

and a JCP feature story, "JCP Program Makes Way for Community":

 ** JCP @ JAVAONE 2003 - JUNE 10-13 **
JavaOne is coming up June 10-13, at Moscone Center in San Francisco. 
In addition to the JCP activities below, you can also meet, visit and
ask questions of the JCP program office at the JavaOne Pavilion, pod
#1212--stop by to pick up your JCP member ribbons for your badge.

- JavaTM Community Event: "Java Communities in Action: A Celebration of
Community Collaboration" 
Speakers: Rob Gingell, Onno Kluyt, JCP EC member panel, Liz Cadd, and
simultaneous speakers at Jini Fest! and Project JXTA Town Hall. 
When/Where: Wednesday June 11, 6:00 pm, Fourth Floor, Renaissance Parc
55 Hotel, Market & Fifth Streets 
Opening Remarks by Rob Gingell, reception appetizers/drinks, JCP awards.
Breakout sessions for a JCP EC panel discussion and a workshop for JCP
experts and spec leads. 
Please RSVP to if you are able to attend; JavaOne pass not
necessary to attend this event.

- Technical Session An Independent Look at the Java Community Process
Program BUS-3294 
Speakers: Frank Sommers of JavaWorld as panel facilitator, Rob Gingell
as panelist 
When/Where: Wednesday June 11, 12:15 pm, Moscone Esplanade 303/305 
A panel discussion on the JCP program and the Java language.

- JCP Program Update BOF-1638 
Speakers: Onno Kluyt, Heather VanCura, Aaron Williams, Joe Strzemp 
When/Where: Thursday June 12, 9:30 pm, Concordia Room, Argent Hotel, 50
Third Street 
Open format discussion of the purpose of the JCP program, how to
influence the future of Java technology, and the latest program updates
to increase community access and collaboration; come share
and discuss your experiences and wishes for the JCP.

The PMO will be closed 30 June - 4 July.  This means no ballots will
begin or end during this week.  There will be no Draft Approval Ballots
starting on 24 June, and no JSR Approval Ballots and Final Approval
Ballots starting on 1 July; and, no JCP stages will begin during this
week, but non-balloted stages may end during this week.  In addition, no
EG updates will occur during this week.

 ** Noteworthy JSRs **
This section of the News Bulletin calls out JSRs that have news to share
with the Java Community. If your JSR has something newsworthy to report
then send an alert ("Hey PMO!") to

-Several new JSRs were submitted for EC approval ballot last week,
including EJB 3.0, JAXB 2.0 and JAX-RPC 2.0; you can review the JSRs

- JSR 105 XML Digital Signature API is now in public review; the review
closes on June 29.  View the JSR here:

- JSR 180 SIP API for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM) will hold
one presentation and BOF at JavaOne:
TS-1846  Friday June 13, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM, Room 120, Moscone: Building
MIDlets with SIP API for Java Technology for Small Platforms 
BOF-1847 Thursday June 12, 9:30 PM - 10:20 PM, Met III, Argent Hotel

- JSR 188 CC/PP Processing is now in Public Review; the review
closes on June 7. View the JSR here:

- JSR 121 Application Isolation API; the notice from last month about a
2nd public review has been superceeded by a change of plans for JSR 121:
stay tuned for more details.  View the JSR here:

Remember, JSRs operating under JCP 2.5 (the current version of the
JCP) require that all expert group member entities have
signed the JSPA2:

 ** Contact Information **
Here is how to contact the Program Office:

        - To submit proposals for new JSRs.

        - To send in your draft and/or final specification documents and
related materials. (as .pdf or Zip archive, please. Other formats will
not be posted).

        -In case you misplaced your Member password....

         - To reach the PMO.

Hope to see you at JavaOne,

The JCP Program Management Office
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