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The Java Community Process Program -- June 2002 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — June 2002 Newsletter

JCP News Bulletin 
June 2002

Here is your June edition of the PMO News Bulletin.  This Bulletin is sent to 
JCP Members, Spec Leads and Experts and is scheduled to be a monthly insert in 
your email inbox. 

** Recent News **
Find out about more about the latest happenings in the JCP program, by
visiting  the "What's New" area of the JCP web site:

**Java Compatibility Test Tools**
The latest release of the Java Compatibility Test Tools has been released to JCP 
members for use in in developing TCKs. New in this release are a TCK Project 
Planning and Development Guide, and a Sample TCK.  In addition we have updated 
the licensing model to allow all JCP members who wish to evaluate the tools to 
do so (via a click-through agreement) without first signing a paper license.

** Noteworthy JSRs **
This section of the News Bulltin calls out JSRs that have news to share
with the Java Community. If your JSR has something newsworthy to report
then send an alert ("Hey PMO!") to

The Community Review Draft Specification for

    JSR-000068 J2ME Platform Specification

is now available for Review from

This review closes on 15 July 2002.

** July Shutdown **
The Program Office will be closed from July 1-5.

** Contact information **
Here is how to contact the Program Office:

	- To submit proposals for new JSRs.
	- To send in your draft and/or final specification documents and related 	
	materials. (as HTML or Zip file, please. Other formats are harder for us	
	to open).
	- To reach the PMO.

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