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The Java Community Process Program -- May 2004 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — March 2004 Newsletter

JCP News Bulletin
May 2004

Here is your May edition of the PMO News Bulletin.  This Bulletin
is sent to JCP (sm) Members, Spec Leads and Experts and is scheduled to
be a monthly insert in your email inbox. This edition covers some recent
news, JCP 2.6 resources, JCP activities at the JavaOne Conference (sm),
reminders for upcoming JCP training and some noteworthy JSRs.

Find out about more about the latest happenings in the Java Community
Process (JCP) program, by visiting the JCP web site--our front page now
highlights recent JCP happenings:

 ** JCP 2.6 RESOURCES **
The PMO and EC members launched JCP version 2.6 this March. Did you know
that JCP 2.6 introduces new benefits for JCP members JSRs operating
under JCP 2.6 maintain a "Community Page" on the JSR
detail page.  The most recent drafts are available for JCP members
only.  Use your JCP Member access information to view these pages.
JCP 2.6 JSRs also offer an observer status of EG membership.  Look for
the Observer" link on the JSR detail page of each JSR.
For more information on JCP 2.6, check out the following links:

-JCP 2.6 whitepaper:

-JCP 2.6 Q&A:
-Spec Lead Guide version 5.1:
printer friendly version:

-166 Case Study:

Save the following dates and times for JCP activities at JavaOne,
including the annual JCP Community Event & Awards, BOF, JCP EG room and
pod.  More details coming soon.

-Java Communities in Action Event, Tuesday, 29 June, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM,
The Argent Hotel, Metro 3 Room
This event is open to all JCP members and will include the presentation
of the second annual JCP awards, along with the JavaPro Community
Awards.  All JCP members welcome! Spec Leads and EG members interested
in highlighting their JCP efforts at the event, please contact the PMO

-JCP BOF 2744 Wednesday, June 30, 7:30 PM, Golden Gate #1, The Marriott

-JCP Pod at the Sun booth in the Pavilion.  Stop by to visit with
members of the PMO and to pick up your JCP member or spec lead badge

-JCP EG Meeting Room, The Argent Hotel, Cornell Room
This room will be available for JCP expert groups use Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday all day.  Contact to reserve your time

Summaries of the JCP EC Meetings are available on for JCP
members only.  Use your Member access information to access the minutes
posted here:

 ** 2004 JCP Training **
Liz Cadd is conducting her popular JCP training in three locations for
2004.  Two very successful sessions have been completed in the US (West
Coast) and Europe (France). The session is coming soon to the US (East
Coast).  Contact Liz Cadd to reserve your space and view more
information here:

- JSR 245, JavaServer Pages 2.1, has been submitted. This is the next
revision of the JavaServer Pages specification. The
purpose of JSP 2.1 is to improve alignment with JavaServer Faces (JSF)
and enhance ease of development. Please submit your comments to JCP members are also welcome to nominate
themselves for the Expert Group for the JSR at this time, as indicated
on the JSR web page.  View the JSR here:

- The SE/EE Executive Committee has approved the following request, JSR
244, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.5 Specification,
to continue development in the JCP program, version 2.6. The major theme
for the next version of J2EE is ease of development. View the JSR here:

- The Expert Group of JSR 181, Web Services Metadata for the Java
Platform, has moved to JCP 2.6 and published an Early Draft Review.
This JSR defines an annotated Java format that that uses Java Language
Metadata (JSR 175) to enable easy definition of Java Web Services in a
J2EE container. You can view the draft here:
This review closes on 10 June 2004.

- A second Public Review Draft Specification for JSR 176, J2SE 1.5
(Tiger) Release Contents:,
is now available for Public Review here: This second Public Review
closes on 10 June 2004. This umbrella JSR is targeted at the following
major themes: Reliability, Availability, Serviceability; Monitoring and
Manageability; Scalability and Performance; XML and Client Web Services;
Ease of Development.

- The ME Executive Committee has approved the Final Approval Ballot of
JSR 75, PDA Optional Packages for the J2ME Platform,
View the ballot results here:

Here is how to contact the Program Office:
- to submit proposals for new JSRs.

- to send in your draft and/or final specification
documents and related materials (as .pdf or Zip archive, please. Other
formats will not be posted).

- in case you misplaced your Member
access information....

- to reach the PMO.

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