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The Java Community Process(SM) Program -- February, 2001 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — February, 2001 Newsletter

PMO News Bulletin
February 2001

Hello JCP Members,
Here is your February edition of the PMO News Bulletin and also 
the first one in this new millenium. 

This Bulletin is sent to JCP Members, Spec Leads and Experts and is 
scheduled to be a monthly insert in your email inbox. In this edition 
you can read about the EC Round Table, TCK Guidelines and Notable JSRs. 

Read on for all the details!

** Recent News **
Find out about more about the latest happenings in the JCP program, 
by visiting  the "Recent News" area of the JCP web site: A small excerpt:

EC Round Table

We offered EC members a chance to tell us something about themselves 
and their views on the JCP program. Most responded with a short bio 
and answers to the two questions: "What is the significance of the JCP 
program for the future development of Java technology?" and "How do you 
see the role you will play on  the EC?"  Check out the committee 
members' thoughtful and illuminating responses under recent news:

New!--Guidelines for Developing TCKs

A good Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) is critical to insuring that 
independent implementations of the Specification are compatible with 
the Specification and each other. The JCP typically relies on the 
expertise within the Expert Group to provide feedback to the Spec Lead 
on the quality of the TCK. To assist the Expert Group and Spec Lead with
this task the PMO provides Guidelines for Developing TCKs, see: 

Tell us what you think! 

Now is your chance to let us know--the PMO wants to hear your feedback 
on the JCP Program.  Over the next few weeks, you will receive a brief 
survey via email consisting of approximately 30 questions.  Please 
participate by completing the survey and sending it back to us via 
email. We look forward to your responses!

** Notable JSRs **
This section of the News Bulltin calls out JSRs that have news to share
with the Java Community. If your JSR has something newsworthy to report 
then send an alert ("Hey PMO!") to

JSR 1, Real-time Specification for Java, is switching to continue under 
JCP 2.0. Check for 
details on this JSR.

JSR 70
JSR 70, the IIOP Protocol Adapter for JMX Specification, is getting back
on track with a new Spec Lead prepared to accept Expert nominations. 
This specification will establish an IIOP based adapter for the 
JMX Specification to allow CORBA clients access JMX agents. The new Spec 
Lead is eager to start development as soon as the Expert Group is

** Contact information **
Here is how to contact the PMO:

            - To submit proposals for new JSRs 
              (as HTML or Zip file, please. 
              Other formats are harder for us to open).
            - To send in your draft and/or final specification 
              documents and related materials.
            - In case you misplaced your Member password....
            - To reach the PMO.

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send a message to with the following message body 
(the subject of the e-mail is ignored): signoff JCP-participant. Your 
address will then be removed from our mailing list. If you have any 
questions regarding our privacy policy, please visit If you have any questions regarding this 
e-mail, please send an email to:  Java Community Process Program
Management Office at

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