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The Java Community Process(SM) Program -- December, 2001 Newsletter

Java Community ProcessSM — December, 2001 Newsletter

JCP PMO News Bulletin
December 2001

Hello JCP Members,
Here is your December edition of the PMO News Bulletin.

This Bulletin is sent to JCP Members, Spec Leads and Experts and is
scheduled to be a monthly insert in your email inbox. This edition
covers the Christmas Break, the J2SE JSRs and the results of the

Read on for all the details!

** Recent News **
Find out about more about the latest happenings in the JCP program,
by visiting  the "What's New" area of the JCP web site:

** Christmas Break **
The Program Office will be closed for Christmas Break from
December 25 - January 2.

** JCP Election 2001 **
Texas Instruments and Zucotto Wireless were elected to the ME EC.
Macromedia and Nokia Networks were elected to the SE/EE EC.
For the full results go to:

** Noteworthy JSRs **
This section of the News Bulltin calls out JSRs that have news to share
with the Java Community. If your JSR has something newsworthy to report
then send an alert ("Hey PMO!") to

A note for Spec Leads:
Your JSR's web page may be updated throughout the process. For example,
you can update schedules, TBAs, dependencies on or connections to other
JSRs. Just send us an email with the requested changes.

When submitting a proposal for a new JSR please use the JSR Proposal
template found at:

JSR 1 is Final!
The Realtime Specification for Java JSR has successfully passed the
Final Approval Ballot.

J2SE 1.4 JSRs received Final Approval!
The J2SE Umbrella JSR (JSR 59) and its related component JSRs (JSR 6,
10, 15, 41, 47, 51, 54, 55, 57, 72) have passed the Final Approval

** Building TCKs **
From the Java Developer Connection, an article for spec leads and expert
groups, "The Java Compatibility Test Tools: JavaTest Harness," reveals
how features like a graphical user interface, interactive,
interview-based configuration, and high customizability make the
JavaTest harness an easy-to-use tool for managing and running Java
technology compliance tests, and an attractive choice for Technology
Compatibility Kit providers.

** Contact information **
Here is how to contact the Program Office:

            - To submit proposals for new JSRs.
            - To send in your draft and/or final specification
              documents and related materials.
              (as HTML or Zip file, please.
              Other formats are harder for us to open).
            - In case you misplaced your Member password....
            - To reach the PMO.

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