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The JCP (sm) Program Makes Way for Community

The JCPSM Program Makes Way for Community

By Susan Mitchell

The IT industry continues to weather difficult times, but if the Java Community Process sm (JCP sm) program were the only point of reference, it would be hard to realize the economy was storming. The rate at which companies are joining the JCP and that Java tm Specification Requests (JSRs) are being submitted continues unabated, moving innovations forward. Moreover, the JCP program has proposed enhancements to the program that will grant unprecedented increases in community access and collaboration, such as adding an observer expert group membership category and requiring more frequent updates to the developer community.

Onno Kluyt, director of the JCP program management office (PMO), looks forward to helping the Java community interact at the numerous JCP functions to be held during the JavaOne sm Conference 2003. One of his goals for the JCP program events is to "to have the community meet itself, to add to the sense of community, of striving for a common goal." In particular, Wednesday night's community event, Thursday's BOF session, and the expert group meeting room enable community members to meet each other, the PMO and JCP Executive Committee (EC) members.

JCP members and developers who build applications that use Java specifications will find it useful to attend JCP functions such as the Wednesday night community event for insights into what the JCP program is, what it does, and where it is driving the technology evolution. EC members and Rob Gingell, Sun fellow and JCP program chair, will be on hand, as well as various spec leads, including those who are drafting the next versions of the J2ME tm, J2SE tm, and J2EE tm platforms. It will be easy to spot the best of the best: an award will be given to the best spec lead and the most innovative JSR drafted in the last year.

This year the JCP program's annual Wednesday night community event is being held simultaneously and adjacent to the Jini Fest! and the JXTA Project Town Hall community meetings so that developers can check out three communities in action during a two-hour window. "This is an interesting opportunity for developers to compare and contrast, to see what goes on in these three communities that Sun leads -- the different technologies they create, the different ways they are organized, and who is involved," says Kluyt.

All the JCP program events at JavaOne 2003 add up to a dynamic proof of concept: the JCP is a thriving collaboration forum that is determined to "cooperate on development, compete on implementations" in order to drive innovations in Java technology. Participate in the process that is rocking the developer world and impacting global businesses.

JCP activities at JavaOne 2003 include:

- JCP Pod
Speakers: Representatives of the JCP PMO will be on hand
Invited: JavaOne attendees, current JCP members, experts and spec leads, and anyone interested in becoming a JCP member
When/Where: Tuesday-Thursday June 10-12, Pavilion, pod at Sun's booth Follow JCP signs for a self-guided Pavilion tour of JCP EC members and their technologies. JCP members, experts and spec leads, pick up JCP program ribbons to add to your JavaOne attendee badges.

- Expert Group Meeting Room
Speakers: N/A
Invited: JCP expert groups
When/Where: Tuesday-Thursday June 10-12, Cornell Room, Argent Hotel, 50 Third Street
A meeting room for JCP expert groups provided by the PMO for use on a first come, first served basis. Sign up at the room, or contact Liz Cadd, JSR program manager.

- Technical Session "An Independent Look at the Java Community ProcessSM Program BUS-3294"
Speakers: Frank Sommers of JavaWorld as panel facilitator, Rob
Gingell as panelist
Invited: JavaOne attendees
When/Where: Wednesday June 11, 12:15 pm, Moscone Esplanade 303/305
A panel discussion on the JCP program and the Java language.

- Java Community Event: "Java Communities in Action: A Celebration of Community Collaboration"
Speakers: Rob Gingell, Onno Kluyt, JCP EC member panel, Liz Cadd, and simultaneous speakers at Jini Fest! and Project JXTA Town Hall.
Invited: JCP, Jini, and JXTA communities and all Java developers who are interested in these communities
When/Where: Wednesday June 11, 6:00 pm, Fourth Floor, Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel, Market & Fifth Streets
Opening Remarks by Rob Gingell, reception appetizers/drinks, JCP awards. Breakout sessions for an EC panel discussion and overview of JCP and a workshop for JCP experts and spec leads. Plus, Jini Fest! and Project JXTA Town Hall.

- Press Round Table
Speakers: Rob Gingell, Onno Kluyt, and EC members
Invited: Java developer reporters and analysts
When/Where: Thursday June 12, 3:00 pm, Moscone
An informal round table discussion on the JCP program.

- JCP Program Update BOF-1638
Speakers: Onno Kluyt, Heather VanCura, Aaron Williams, Joe Strzemp
Invited: JavaOne attendees
When/Where: Thursday June 12, 9:30 pm, Concordia Room, Argent Hotel, 50 Third Street
Open format discussion of the purpose of the JCP program, how to influence the future of Java technology, and the latest program updates to increase community access and collaboration.

For more information:
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