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JSR-000114 JDBC RowSet Implementations - Maintenance Release

JSR-000114 JDBC RowSet Implementations
(Maintenance Release)

This is an updated version of the Final Release of this Specification, as described in Section 4.2.1 of the Java Community ProcessSM Program, version 2.6.

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Maintenance Lead:
  • Amit Handa
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    Please send comments to

Reference Implementation and Technology Compatibility Kit:
  • Pursuant to the Java Community Process version 2.5, the following is a summary of Sun's anticipated principal license terms and conditions for the JSR 114, JDBC Rowset Implementation, version 1.0.1

    JDBC Rowset Implementation 1.0.1 is expected to be an integral part of J2SE JRE and SDK. JDBC Rowset 1.0.1 TCK is expected to be an integral part of J2SE TCK.

    The binary and source for JDBC Rowset Implementation 1.0.1 will be made available under the terms and conditions used for the J2SE JRE and SDK. The JDBC Rowset 1.0.1TCK will be made available under the terms and conditions used for J2SE TCK.

    Binaries for J2SE JRE and SDK are licensed, at no charge, under the Sun Microsystems Inc. Binary Code License.

    Sources for J2SE SDK (which includes the JRE sources) are licensed, at no charge, under SCSL.

    J2SE TCK is made available under SCSL, Attachment E. There is no charge for a TCK license, but there may be a mandatory TCK support fee.

    J2SE SDK and TCK sources are made available to Sun's existing TLDA licensees according to their TLDA terms.

    J2SE TCK is offered for license at no charge, without support or any trademark license rights, to qualified not-for-profit entities (including not-for-profit academic institutions) and qualified individuals engaged in efforts to create compatible implementations of J2SE specifications.

  • Reference Implementation
  • Technology Compatibility Kit: The TCK will be available to Qualified Not-for-Profits and Qualified Individuals for no charge as per Section F.III of the JSPA 2. Details on the Compatibility Testing Scholarship Program can be found at
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