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Changes to the JavaMail Specification proposed for 1.5 The Proposed Changes for JavaMail 1.5 are summarized below, but you can also refer to list of changes on the Project Kenai site.
add FetchProfile.Item.SIZE
fix protected fields in final classes in
add MimeMultipart(String subtype, BodyPart... bps) constructor
exceptions should support exception chaining
ParameterList needs to support use by IMAP
ContentType.toString & ContentDisposition.toString shouldn't return null
add Transport.send(msg, username, password) method
add MimeMessage.setFrom(String) method
add Message.getSession() method
MimeBodyPart.attachFile should set the disposition to ATTACHMENT
add MimeMessage.reply(replyToAll, setAnswered) method
add "next" methods to HeaderTokenizer to help parsing bad headers
add @MailSessionDefinition and @MailSessionDefinitions for Java EE 7
make cachedContent field protected in MimeMessage and MimeBodyPart
make MimeMultipart fields protected to allow subclassing
need simple way to override MIME type and encoding of attachment
enable RFC 2231 support by default