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JSR-000387 Streamline the JCP Program - Maintenance Review

JSR-000387 Streamline the JCP Program
(Close of Maintenance Review: 5 August 2019)

This draft is available for Maintenance Review as per 3.6.2 of the Java Community Process, version 2.11.

Maintenance: After Final Release, the Maintenance Lead is in charge of the long-term maintenance of the specification, Reference Implementation and Technology Compatibility Kit. Minor changes to the specification go through a Maintenance process, while major changes are deferred to a new JSR. In Maintenance, the Maintenance Lead tracks issues for the specification and then, when enough minor changes are ready, the Maintenance Lead proposes a list of changes to the specification in a change log, which is then posted for Maintenance Review.

Maintenance Lead:
Heather Vancura
Oracle America, Inc.

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