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Change Log for JSR-000346 CDI 1.1

Change Log for JSR-000346 Contexts and Dependency Injection for JavaTM EE 1.1

This page details the proposed, accepted and deferred changes to JSR 346, documenting the changes that will go into the next revision, per Section 5.2 of the JCP 2.9 document.

Last updated: 18 April 2014


Maintenance Review 1, approved on 15 April 2014:
Most of the changes are clarification of the specification or correction in API Javadoc. Clarification will also be done with other JSR interoperability like servlet on EJB. This MR will correct interoperability problem with 3rd party libraries relying on JSR 330 implementations. Some CDI default behaviors will be changed like the fact that Stereotypes comporting bean defining annotation will become a new bean defining annotation (right now only @Model does it).