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Change Log for JSR-000331 Constraint Programming API

Change Log for JSR-000331 Constraint Programming API

This page details the proposed, accepted and deferred changes to JSR 331, documenting the changes that will go into the next revision, per Section 4.2 of the JCP 2.7 document.

Last updated: 15 October 2012

  • Support for solver-independent JSR-331 implementations using Linear Solvers. This release includes:
  • TCK includes two new packages:
    • "" - a set of linear problems that can be solved using both CP and LP implementations
    • "" - a collection of test problems contributed by Hakan Kjellerstrand
  • More advanced search for optimal solutions:
    • Introduced 3 optimization strategies: BASIC, DICHTOMIZE, and NATIVE (solver-specific)
    • An ability to limit time for search of one solution and for the entire optimization process
  • The use of dynamic list of constrained integer variables