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Change Log for JSR-000314 JavaServer Faces 2

Change Log for JSR-000314 JavaServerTM Faces 2

This page details the proposed, accepted and deferred changes to JSR 314, documenting the changes that will go into the next revision, per Section 4.2 of the JCP 2.7 document. It contains a snapshot of the issue log for JSR 314, located here:

Last updated: 15 November 2010


Maintenance Review 2, approved on 23 October 2010

Target Milestone 2.0 Rev A (Maintenance Review 1), accepted on 8 July 2010


IDCategoryDescriptionFixed in Source Code Repository of Specification
731   Clarify f:event listener method parameter requirements  
869   Specify CSRF solution.  
C005ErrataChange validate method on UIInput to require a call to protected compareValues() method. Modify spec for compareValues() to require using the Comparable interface if the equals check failsyes
C003ErrataJavaDoc for UIInput does not have a constant for INTERPRET_EMPTY_STRING_SUBMITTED_VALUES_AS_NULLyes
C014ErrataJsdocs for specifying form view state updating must also include any forms specified in the render list. Currently the view state is only updated for the form containing the control that fired the Ajax request. Spec Public:790 no
C039Errataview metadata must be traversed on Ajax request during the execute portion of the lifecycle if there is at least one execute id other then "@none"no
C042ErrataModify managed bean annotation spec to say the annotations can be on the setter or the fieldno
C045ChangeAdd no
C055ErrataHandled by 1402no
C056ErrataJSF ManagedBean implementations must support 330 style injection (@inject) if running in a container that supports 330 style
C057ErrataMake OutputTarget Head renderer not specify exactly where within the HEAD the resource must be renderedyes
C059ChangeMake the flash be stored in session by default.yes, see mojarra issue 1449
C067ChangeSpecify return value for jsf.util.chain() in JSno
C006ChangeIf, when processing an <absolute-ordering> section in the WEB-INF/faces-config.xml file, we come across a <name> entry, and there are multiple jars in the WEB-INF/lib that declare this value as their <name> entry, the runtime must log a descriptive error message listing the value of the <name> entry, and information from which each of the jars that declares that value as their <name> entry, and fail to deploy the
C019ErrataOutputStyleSheet Renderer: don't output a "media='screen'" attribute, as specified.yes
C020ChangeOutputStyleSheet Renderer: add a "media" attribute.yes
C025ErrataClass javax.faces.event.PostAddToViewNonPDLEvent should have been removed before the spec went finalno
C036ErrataEL Evaluation needs to be specified in the javadocs for Resource.getInputStream()no
C038ErrataIn section 3.6.2 state that if the implementation detects the occurrence of a composite component directly or indirectly including itself in its implementation section, the page must not be rendered and a helpful specific error message must be shownno
C041ErrataModify absolute-ordering section to declare that the detection of a duplicate name should cause an error and fail to deploy rather then the current behavior of "just keep going"no
C070ChangeAdd a context-param javax.faces.STORE_FLASH_IN_SESSION_SCOPE to section 11.1.3.yes, see mojarra issue 1449
C076Errataf:selectItems value="#{myMap}" underspecified. Spec Public:772no