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JSR 245 JavaServer<sup><small>TM</small></sup> Pages JSP 2.3 Maintenance Review 3

JSR 245 JavaServerTM Pages JSP 2.3 Maintenance Review 3

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This is a maintenance review for JSR-245, JavaServerTM Pages 2.3 Specification (JSP 2.3).

Proposed Changes

1. The specification version is 2.3

2. Remove expression language from JSP specification.  JSP 2.3 supports and depends on EL 3.0

3. Support EL 3.0 (JSR 341).

   In JSP.2.9, add the following two ELResovers, after item 2, and renumber
   the other ELResolvers on the list.  That is, place these ELResolvers between
   the custom ELResolvers and the MapELResolver.

   3. The ELResolver returned by ExpressionFactory.getStreamELResolver().
   4. javax.el.StaticFieldELResolver.

4. Clarification

   Add the following paragrah after the first praragraph in section JSP.11.1.1.

   "A JSP container must render a JSP page for the HTTP methods GET, POST, and
   HEAD, with identical responses.  The behavior of the JSP container
   for other methods is undefined."