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Change Log JAX-WS 2.2 Rev a

Change Log JSR 224 : Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.2 Rev a


Changes for JAX-WS 2.2 Rev a MR

Maintenance Lead

Jitendra Kotamraju, Oracle


  1. Version number of the document is changed to 2.2 Rev a. The API still remains at 2.2
  2. The following is modified in "Section 3.7 Service Specific Exception" to address JAX_WS-908

    3. For each getter in the exception and its superclasses, a property of the same type and name is added to the bean. The getCause, getLocalizedMessage and getStackTrace getters from java.lang.Throwable and the getClass getter from java.lang.Object All the getter methods except getMessage() from java.lang.Throwable type hierarchy are excluded from the list of getters to be mapped.

  3. To address JAX_WS-907, the following javadoc is added to class.
     * Granting publishEndpoint allows the application to be
     * exposed as a network service. Depending on the security of the runtime and
     * the security of the application, this may introduce a security hole that
     * is remotely exploitable.
     * @see
  4. Adding the following section to the specification text to address JAX_WS-937. API/Javadoc already has the required information about


    EndpointContext allows an application to associate multiple endpoints and this enables a JAX-WS implementation to share any runtime information about those endpoints with one another. For example, if an application has multiple endpoints corresponding to multiple ports in a WSDL, an implementation can publish the WSDL with the addresses of those ports. An application need to call setEndpointContext(EndpointContext) method to set the context on all the related endpoints before publishing those endpoints.

    * Conformance (Use of EndpointContext): An implementation MUST publish WSDL with correct addresses if the corresponding endpoints are associated with an EndpointContext.

  5. Fixes for minor javadoc typos JAX_WS-905, JAX_WS-862, and JAX_WS-929.

Accepted Changes


Deferred Changes