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Maintenance Review 1 of JSR 211

Changes for Maintenance Review 1 of JSR 211

  • ID 6574405: ContentHandlerPermission class added to support CHAPI when used with MIDP 3.0, CLDC 1.1.1, CDC, and Java SE.
    The function of the ContentHandlerPermission will allow separate actions to enable registration of static and dynamic handlers.
    The permission allows registration of any type, ID, action, suffix, etc. without restriction.

  • ID 6804395: Action Names must allow spaces ? MSA2 GCF-211-006
    Clarification of wording to mandate support of spaces in action names.

  • ID 6821434: Returning Status after Content Handler Invocations ? MSA2.211.002, MSA2.211.011
    Clarification to the action behaviors to include the install-only action and return status meanings for cancel, error, and ok.

  • ID 6821439: Handling Parameters in MIME-types ? MSA2.211.005
    Clarification to require parameters included in mime-type strings to be ignored.

  • ID 6831871: Requirements for Preregistered JAD/JAR Content Handlers ? MSA2.211.003, MSA2.211.006
    Clarification to require the installer for MIDP to register suffixes .jar and .jad

  • ID 6821443: Unregistering Handler Registrations After an Application Upgrade ? MSA2.211.008
    Editorial clarification to Registry.unregister to require that any registration be removable.

  • ID 6821436: Support for Required Protocols ? MSA2.211.009
    Clarification to require support for http, https, and file if supported by the Java runtime.

  • ID 6821444: Selection Between Multiple Matching Handlers ? MSA2.211.010
    Clarification to require a configurable mechanism by which a single preferred handler can be selected from two or more registered handlers.
    The mechanism should be controlled by the user, if there is a user.

  • ID 6448064: Application Package definition is unclear
    Editorial updates to describe the term Application Package to make it more broadly applicable and not limited to MIDP applications.

  • ID 6515192: does not specify the subclass of Connection to return
    Recommendation to return from, the appropriate subclass of Connection depending on the protocol.

  • ID 6450907: ContentHandler.getAuthority() is not generic enough
    Clarify that the Authority returned must be the signer of the ContentHandler class to be applicable to different application package types.

  • ID 6347280: CHS.finish() allows broken Invocation responses with array containing nulls
    Clarification of checks on the validity of values in the returned Invocation.

  • ID 6804400: Required minimum length of content Ids ? MSA2 GCF-211-014
    Define a requirement to support IDs of at least 256 Unicode characters and to define the exception if longer IDs are used and not supported.

  • ID 6804404: Minimum numbers of types, actions, etc .should be specified ? MSA2 GCF-211-015
    Define a requirement to support registration of at least 50 types, at least 20 actions per handler, and at least 10 suffixes per handler and to define the exception if a larger number is attempted and is not supported.

  • ID 6804398: Transfer of foreground to the invoking application on response delivery MSA2 ? GCF-211-007
    Clarification to require the foreground focus be returned to the invoking application, the current wording is not strong enough.

  • ID 6475300: Locale definition is inconsistent with J2SE
    Clarification on the delimiter used to select the locale; the delimiter must match the convention of the profile.
    For MIDP and related profiles, the delimiter is "-", for Java SE, CDC, the delimiter is "_".

  • ID 6682080: "MIDlet-1" attribute presence enforcement is needed
    Clarification to reinforce that CHAPI does not weaken the MIDP requirment
    for the MIDlet-1 attribute regardless of the number of ContentHandlers.