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Change Log for JSR 160 Maintenance Review 1

Change Log for JSR 160 Maintenance Review 1

Éamonn McManus, JSR 160 Maintenance Lead

This is the Change Log for the first Maintenance Review of JSR 160. Questions and comments on this Change Log should be directed to

This Maintenance Review defines version 1.3 of the JMX Remote API as originally defined by JSR 160. The API version number jumps from 1.0 to 1.3 to match the numbering of the JMX API, JSR 3.

The 7-digit code numbers associated with each change are identifiers in the public bug database at

A larger set of updates to the JMX Remote specification is planned as part of JSR 255, "JMX Specification, version 2.0". The changes proposed in this Maintenance Review are intended as interim steps towards JSR 255. These changes have all been approved by the JSR 255 Expert Group.

An updated standalone TCK will be available that reflects the changes in this Maintenance Review. In addition, it is intended that these changes will be included in the Java SE 6 ("Mustang") release.

The following changes are made to the specification generated by the Javadoc tool.

  • 6231888: JMXConnector implements Closeable

    The interface defines the single method
    public void close() throws IOException; and since JMXConnector contains a method with the same signature, the JMXConnector interface can extend the Closeable interface.

  • 6234398: JMX connection provider API exception handling unclear. The interfaces JMXConnectorProvider and JMXConnectorServerProvider are clarified so that methods throw MalformedURLException if the protocol in the URL is not recognized by the provider, JMXProviderException if this is the right provider for the URL but it cannot be used for some reason, and some other IOException in other cases.

  • 6238076: Serialized form of included clientNotifID field. This field was inadvertently included in the serial form. Its purpose is to track the notification sequence number in JMXConnectionNotifications from the RMIConnector. An RMIConnector is typically only serialized if it is the value returned by RMIConnectorServer.toJMXConnector, in which case it will not have been connected and will have a sequence number of 0. Even if an RMIConnector is serialized in other circumstances, there is little or no interest in continuing the notification sequence numbers when it is subsequently deserialized.

  • 6238815: Add a way to get the address to which a connector client is connected. The new interface JMXAddressable can be implemented by a given connector client. When this is so, users can cast the JMXConnector instance to JMXAddressable and call getAddress() to discover the address to which the client is connected. RMI client connectors are specified to implement this interface. The JMXConnectorServer class also implements this interface, via its existing getAddress() method.