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Summary of Maintenance Review 1 proposed changes to JSR 107 JCACHE Java Temporary Caching API

JSR 107 - JCACHE JavaTM Temporary Caching API
Summary of Maintenance Review 1 Changes to Specification

Please communicate by raising an issue against the specific change or by creating a new issue on Github:

  1. Wrong version in Spec License. Changed to 1.1
  2. Clarified that the Spec API is released under Apache version 2.0 license. We had wrongly used the JPA license for the API in the 1.0 release.
  3. Attempting to remove on the iterator of CacheNames does not throw an IllegalStateException, but rather an UnsupportedOperationException.
  4. Clarified Entry Processor Example 3
  5. EntryProcessor MutableEntry.remove() listener effect clarification
  6. Clarified Iterator and removed reference to non-existent read listener.
  7. Changed to "Yes (when the key is associated with an existing value)" as the CacheWriter result for getAndReplace.
  8. CompletionListenerFuture wakeup for multiple threads, protect against spurious wakeup
  9. Clarify Duration JavaDoc.
  10. CacheManager.getCache() NullPointerException and ClassCastException
  11. Clarified JavaDoc over the behaviour of type erasure with the default MutableConfiguration() constructor.
  12. Add to CacheManager.createCache further description on the name parameter to note legal and illegal names per this deployment specification.
  13. Relaxation to allow CacheManager.getCache() to return caches where runtime type enforcement is enabled in order to further interoperabiltiy with frameworks using JCache.
  14. Fix JavaDoc warnings
  15. Clarify MutableEntry JavaDoc and override getValue() so that behaviour can be further specified.
  16. Clarify that only one expiry policy can be set at once and the most recent one set is applied at cache creation.
  17. Clarified the behaviour in listeners of CacheEntryEvent.getValue(), CacheEntryEvent.getOldValue() and CacheEntryEvent.isOldValueAvailable().
  18. Correct Cache.invoke() and Cache.invokeAll() JavaDoc. Redundant and contradictory Loader behaviour was specified in invoke and invokeAll.
  19. Section 11.5.2 refers to an unknown class
  20. Clarify CacheManager properties pass-through behavior
  21. Clarified semantics of CacheEntryEvent getValue(), CacheEntryEvent.getOldValue() and CacheEntryEvent.isOldValueAvailable().

JSR 107 Change Log
JSR 107 Maintenance Review