JSR 77 Maintenance Release Proposed Changes


JSR77. documents "sequence" but the UML is "sequenceNumber". The correct
attribute name is sequenceNumber. will be changed from "sequence" to

JSR77. sequenceNumber

long sequenceNumber


JSR77. deploymentDescriptor

String deploymentDescriptor

The deploymentDescriptor string must contain the original XML

deployment descriptor that was created for this module during the deployment

process. The deploymentDescriptor attribute must provide a full deployment descriptor

based on any partial deployment descriptor plus deployment annotations.


JSR77.9.1 Introduction

The following chapter describes the CIM model for J2EE management. The CIM model for J2EE management

is included in the Common Information Model (CIM) Standards as as CIM_Application-J2eeAppServer.

This chapter lays out the CIM model for J2EE Managed Objects (applications, modules, servers

etc), events, state management and statistics.

The Managed Object Format (MOF) and UML representation of the model are available from the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)

web site: http://www.dmtf.org/standards/cim


Remove JSR77.9.6 Appendix (pages 190 – 214) which contained the unofficial CIM model which has now been adopted as a standard by the DMTF.