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JDO 1.0.2 Change Log

Java Data Objects

August 16, 2004

Change Log

Changes proposed for 1.0.2 (Final Release 3)

There are no proposed changes to the specification. The folllowing changes refer to the Reference Implementation and Technology Compatibility Kit.

  • Upgrade to antlr 2.7.3.

  • Improve JDOException.printStackTrace to avoid duplicate nested exceptions.

  • Improve JDOModel strategy to resolve type names.

  • Change JDOModel implementation to avoid ConcurrentModificationException thrown by pm.getObjectById while another thread loads a persistence-capable class.

  • Remove token type constants from JDOQL query tree interface.

  • Remove deprecated javax.jdo.I18NHelper

  • Adde new methods in JDOImplHelper to unregister a persistence capable class. These method require the caller to have the new permission JDOPermission("manageMetadata").

  • The enhancer loads classes to get Java metadata via reflection. Now these classes are not initialized during loading (the initialize parameter of the Class.forName call is set to false), but subsequent metadata requests might initialize the class.

The following bugs are to be fixed in 1.0.2:

Bug Number



Javadoc needs to be updated to @version 1.0.1.


Incorrect generation of getManagedFieldCount. Fixed the enhancer generated method getManagedFieldCount in a persistence-capable class having a persistence-capable superclass.


JDOHelper.getTransactionalObjectId returns wrong ObjectId. JDOHelper.getTransactionalObjectId now delegates to the correct method of the persistence-capable class.


Temporary class files are not always removed. There were cases where the temporary file generated by the enhancer (enhancer-xxxx.class) was not removed.


JDO 1.0.1 does not compile with J2SE 1.3.


Printing JDOException causes StackOverflowError.


REGRESSION: treeMap.tailMap(fromKey) broken under 1.0.1? Some methods in the SCO classes Hashtable, TreeMap, and TreeSet returned results as if the the SCO is empty.


Registered PersistenceCapable classes cannot be garbage collected.


NPE in query compiler method Semantic.checkContainsArgs. The JDOModel returned a null collection element-type for an invalid type specified in the JDO metadata.


jdori-enhancer.jar misses some files.


More robust bundle loading in I18NHelper.


NPE in property handling of fostore Main class.

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