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JSR-000003 Java Management Extensions - Changes Proposed for Maintenance Review 6

Proposed Changes for JSR 3 Maintenance Review 6

Hinkmond Wong, JSR 3 Maintenance Lead

Summary of the proposed specification changes

1. Add announcement to subsume into JDK Platform:


Since JSR 3, JMX has been distributed as a standalone technology and part of the Java SE at the same time, the JMX API has become stable (no significant changes) for a long time and the need to use newer releases of the JMX with shipping releases of Java SE has mostly disappeared in recent years.

In accordance with the JCP 2.9 Process, we are announcing the end of JMX Standalone distribution. After this MR, JMX 1.4, the technology that JSR 3 defines, will be delivered as a part of the Java SE solely. Future changes in the JMX API will be defined through the Platform JSR.

The subsumption of the JMX into the Platform JSR does not change any mechanisms defined in JMX. The interfaces are the same except that they will then be directly specified in the Platform JSR. Deployment of alternative implementations of the JMX API will continue to be supported.

2. Change last paragraph in section 1.2.3 to:

As this annotation does not exist in Java SE 5.0 or subset Profiles of Java SE 8.0 that do not include the java.beans package, then the behavior specified does not apply