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J2SE 1.5 Business Terms

Business Terms for J2SE 1.5

Pursuant to Section 2.2.1 of the Java Community Process version 2.1, a summary of Sun's anticipated principal license terms and conditions for J2SE 1.5 are:

J2SE 1.5 business terms are broadly the same as for J2SE 1.4.

  • J2SE and TCK sources will be made available to Sun's existing TLDA licensees for such technology according to their TLDA terms.
  • Sun will release the J2SE 1.5 SDK sources (which include the JRE sources) under the standard SCSL license. There will be no charge for the SCSL source license. The SCSL fees for commercial use will be set to zero.
  • The J2SE 1.5 TCK will be made available under the license in Attachment E of the SCSL license. There will be no charge for a TCK license but there may be a mandatory TCK support fee. A variety of support options are available, starting at $50 K per year.
  • The J2SE 1.5 TCK will be offered for license at no charge, without support or any trademark license rights, to qualified not-for-profit entities (including not-for-profit) academic institutions) and qualified individuals engaged in efforts to create compatible implementations of the J2SE 1.5 Specification.