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JCP EC Meeting Minutes: September 18, 2020

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for September 18, 2020


September 18, 2020





Friday, September 18, 2020
  • Heather VanCura

Executive Committee

  • Alibaba - Sanhong Li, Tianxiao Gu - present
  • ARM - Stuart Monteith - present
  • Azul Systems - Simon Ritter - present
  • BNY Mellon - Chandra Guntur, Nikhil Nanivadekar, Don Raab - present
  • Marcus Biel - present
  • Eclipse Foundation - Paul Buck, Ivar Grimstad - present
  • Ken Fogel - present
  • Fujitsu - Kenji Kazumura - present
  • Goldman Sachs - Jackie Haynes - present
  • IBM - Tim Ellison - present
  • Intel - Shirish Aundhe - present
  • JetBrains - Trisha Gee - present
  • London Java Community - Martijn Verburg - present
  • MicroDoc - Bruno Caballero, Nicolas Relou - present
  • Oracle - Don Deutsch, Anish Karmarkar - present
  • SAP SE - Martin Doerr, Christoph Langer - present
  • Software AG - not present
  • SouJava - Bruno Souza - present
  • Tomitribe - David Blevins, Amelia Eiras - present
  • Twitter - Tony Printezis - present

Total Attendance: 19 of 20 voting members

Since 75% of the EC's voting members were present, the EC was quorate for this session.


Changes in status as a result of attendance at this meeting

The EC Standing Rules state the following penalties for non-attendance at EC meetings (note that those who participate in face-to-face meetings by phone are officially counted as absent):

  • Missing two meetings in a row results in a loss of voting privileges until two consecutive meetings have been attended.

  • Missing five meetings in a row, or missing two-thirds of the meetings in any consecutive 12-month period results in loss of the EC seat.

There are no changes in voting privileges as a result of this meeting.

Personnel Changes

There are no personnel changes to report at this time.

EC Stats

Heather presented the usual EC stats (see the presentation for details).

EC Elections

Heather reviewed the dates, process and details for the upcoming EC Elections, Meet the Candidates is in October, and the ballot opens in November.

Membership Report

Heather reviewed the JCP program membership numbers - there are now 1,160 JCP Members; we will review full year end statistics in 2021 (see the presentation for details).

Java SE Platform Update

Alex Buckley reviewed procedures and processes for collaborative development of the Java SE Platform in OpenJDK; see the presentation for more details. Chandra asked about backporting of features, and Alex explained this is addressed in the Maintenance Process, and that it is not acceptable to break the TCK when new features are backported. Not every JDK scoped feature is big enough to need a JEP, many are characterized by a bug report. Stuart asked about the Vector API in Panama and the process for it to move from a JEP to a Platform JSR. Alex responded that the JEP owner is responsible for collecting feedback and determining when/if it should be included in the Java SE platform JSR, and then becomes a feature of the Java SE Platform. The lead of the Platform also has to agree. You should go from incubation to preview to get feedback before final implementation of a feature. Chandra asked about preview features included in a Long Term Support (LTS) release. Alex confirmed no relation to inclusion in LTS - that is about support after release. JEP owners should not be concerned about whether a release is LTS or not. Alex will confirm incubation can apply to both future preview and future experimental features. Ken suggested a reworking of the JavaDoc tools and asked about contributions and individuals responsible. Amelia asked Alex to provide the total sum of JDK contributors and why organization logos are not highlighted. Alex pointed EC Members to the OpenJDK census and stated individuals and not organizations contribute to the JDK projects. He also shared the following numbers from the last census.

JDK Project (
1 Lead + 166 Reviewers + 158 Committers + 165 Authors = 490 contributors

JDK Updates Project (
1 Lead + 146 Reviewers + 158 Committers + 111 Authors = 416 contributors

Java in Education

Heather reviewed the summary of discussions in the Java in Education. We reviewed that EC Members can use a new social media template to promote the importance and need for Java developers, and to spread the word about Java in Education for JUG leaders. In November we will share with JUG leaders a guided discussion they can have with students/junior developers in their community about Java development. Heather asked EC Members to share about the activities they are doing. Chandra shared more details about BNY Mellon's activities around Java in Education and training their developers. They encourage their developers to learn about the JCP and OpenJDK processes. David asked how they use their Java Code Katas. Chandra explained they use them in onboarding their developers and in their internal training about how to contribute to open source software projects.

Other Business

Heather reviewed the remaining dates for the 2020 calendar and proposed dates/logistics for 2021 (see the presentation for details). We will plan to meet virtual through 2021. We adjourned the meeting to attend the 2020 JCP program virtual happy hour/party and award ceremony.

Next Meeting

  • December 8, 2020; 8 AM - 10 AM PST (second hour is public)