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JCP EC Meeting Minutes: September 13, 2019

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for September 13, 2019


September 13, 2019


San Francisco, CA, hosted by Twitter



Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Heather VanCura

Executive Committee

  • Alibaba - Sanhong Li - present
  • ARM - Stuart Monteith - present
  • Azul Systems - Simon Ritter, Gil Tene - present
  • BNY Mellon - Chandra Guntur, Nikhil Nanivadekar, Don Raab - present
  • Credit Suisse - Gary Field - present
  • Eclipse Foundation - Paul Buck - present
  • Fujitsu - Mike DeNicola, Kenji Kazumura - present
  • Goldman Sachs - Jackie Haynes - present
  • Ivar Grimstad - present
  • Hazelcast - Jaromir Hamala - present
  • HP Enterprise - Jeff Gragg - present
  • IBM - Tim Ellison, Mark Little - present
  • Intel - Sandhya Viswanathan - present
  • JetBrains - Trisha Gee - present
  • London Java Community - Martijn Verburg - present
  • MicroDoc - Bruno Caballero - present
  • Oracle - Anish Karmarkar, Georges Saab - present
  • SAP SE - Martin Doerr - present
  • Software AG - Prasad Yendluri - present
  • SouJava - Otavio Santana, Bruno Souza - present
  • Tomitribe - David Blevins, Amelia Eiras - present
  • Twitter - Tony Printezis - present
  • V2COM - Leonardo Lima - present

Total Attendance: 23 of 23 voting members

Since 75% of the EC's voting members were present, the EC was quorate for this session.


Changes in status as a result of attendance at this meeting

The EC Standing Rules state the following penalties for non-attendance at EC meetings (note that those who participate in face-to-face meetings by phone are officially counted as absent):

  • Missing two meetings in a row results in a loss of voting privileges until two consecutive meetings have been attended.

  • Missing five meetings in a row, or missing two-thirds of the meetings in any consecutive 12-month period results in loss of the EC seat.

Credit Suisse regained their voting privileges as a result of attending this meeting.

Personnel Changes

There were no personnel changes to report.

EC Elections

Heather reviewed the dates and next steps, including the Meet the Candidates session coming up at Code One on 16 September and the virtual meeting on 24 October. Heather also summarized the candidates for the Ratified, Elected and Associate seats. We confirmed that we would like to have the voter eligibility deadline close to the end of the EC Nomination period, so this year it is 7 October. Ivar indicated he would be resigning his seat once he joins the Eclipse Foundation next month. Credit Suisse and HPE indicated they do not intend to run for an EC seat in the 2019 EC Elections. See the presentation for details.

EC Stats

Heather presented the usual EC stats (see the presentation for details).

Membership Report Update

Heather gave an update on the Membership renewals effort (see the presentation for details).

JCP EC Working Group Updates and EC Membership Discussion

The JCP.Next Working Group completed their work for the Maintenance Release in August. The changes will go into effect in time for the 2019 Elections in November, and will be completed following the 2020 Elections.

Heather summarized the work of the Business Value Working Group - the value of the JCP program for the continued success of Java. JSRs are developed and covered by a Spec License that includes strong compatibility requirements, allowing multiple implementations that create choice; implementations must pass the TCK. Heather made suggestions for way EC members can amplify these messages during Code One next week. Gil emphasized that if you don't pass the TCK you can't call it Java, that this is important to convey.

The Communications Working Group does not have sufficient interest to continue to meet at this point.

Heather reviewed some best practices and expectations around being an EC Member. David suggested that these were things any JCP Member could do and that there was little information provided for casting votes on EC Member ballots. Jackie stated that it was difficult because there was too much information. Heather proposed that we review the information that is available to EC Members during the open development period for JSRs as well as the information on the ballots during a future EC Meeting, when a Java Platform Spec Lead can also participate in the discussion. Heather also emphasized the importance of EC Members setting an example for community members (see the presentation for more details) on the working groups and discussion.

Oracle Code One Activities and Events

We reviewed the plans for JCP related activities at Oracle Code One (see the presentation for details).

JSR 282 Spec Lead Presentation

James presented an update on JSR 282, RTSJ version 1.1, including his migration to JCP version 2.11 and his intention to start the Public Review and subsequent Final Release (see the presentation for details).

Embedded Java Discussion

Leo led a discussion about Embedded Java and asked if any EC Members were interested in moving forward either participating of leading new projects. ARM and James from aicas indicated they were potentially interested (see the presentation for details).

Twitter Host Presentation

Flavio presented the Twitter host presentation on Scala and Graal use at Twitter (see the presentation for details).

Other Business

Heather reviewed the date for the proposed dates and locations for the 2020 calendar (see the presentation for details). For our Spring 2020 face to face meeting, Heather summarized the locations options and encouraged EC members to participate in the poll - BNY Mellon/Singapore, IBM, or London Java Community/London are the options. Twitter and Alibaba both offered to host the Fall face to face meeting in San Francisco in 2020, dates to be decided based on plans for coinciding with Oracle Code One 2020.

Next Meeting

  • December 10, 2019; 8am -10am PST; Teleconference (second hour is public)