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JCP EC Meeting Minutes: 19 October, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for 19 October, 2018


19 October, 2018


San Francisco, USA, hosted by Twitter



Tuesday, 14 August 2018
  • Heather VanCura

Executive Committee

  • Alibaba - Kingsum Chow, Sanhong Li - present
  • Andres Almiray - present
  • ARM - Monica Beckwith - present
  • Azul Systems - Simon Ritter, Gil Tene - present
  • Credit Suisse - Richard Wood - present
  • Eclipse Foundation - Mike Milinkovich - present
  • Fujitsu - Kenji Kazumura - present
  • Gemalto - not present
  • Goldman Sachs - Jackie Haynes - present
  • Ivar Grimstad - present
  • Hazelcast - Jaromir Hamala - present
  • HPE - Jeff Gragg - present
  • IBM - Tim Ellison - present
  • Intel - not present
  • JetBrains - not present
  • London Java Community - Mohamed Taman, Martijn Verburg (phone) - present
  • MicroDoc - Nicolas Relou - present
  • Oracle - Anish Karmarkar - present
  • Red Hat - Mark Little - present
  • SAP - Gotz Lindenmaier - present
  • Software AG - Prasad Yendluri - present
  • SouJava - Bruno Souza - present
  • Tomitribe - David Blevins, Amelia Eiras - present
  • Twitter - Tony Printezis, Ramki Ramakrishna - present
  • V2COM - Leonardo de Moura Rocha Lima - present

Total Attendance: 22 of 25 voting members

Since 75% of the EC's voting members were present, the EC was quorate for this meeting.


Changes in status as a result of attendance at this meeting

The EC Standing Rules state the following penalties for non-attendance at EC meetings (note that those who participate in face-to-face meetings by phone are officially counted as absent):

  • Missing two meetings in a row results in a loss of voting privileges until two consecutive meetings have been attended.

  • Missing five meetings in a row, or missing two-thirds of the meetings in any consecutive 12-month period results in loss of the EC seat.

Hazelcast regained their voting status as a result of this meeting.

Personnel Changes

There were no personnel changes to report at this time.

EC Elections

Heather reviewed the dates and next steps, including the Meet the Candidates session(s) coming up this month. Heather also summarized the candidates for the Ratified, Elected and Associate seats (see the presentation for details).

EC Stats

Heather presented the usual EC stats (see the presentation for details).

Host Presentation

Ramki Ramakrishna provided an overview of Twitter Automated Performance Tuning and Machine Learning (see the presentation for details).

Membership Report Update

Heather gave an update on the Membership renewals effort (see the presentation for details). The PMO plans to complete this task prior to the 2018 JCP EC Elections in November.

Java EE 8 Migration & Jakarta EE Update

Mike provided an update from the Eclipse Foundation on Jakarta EE and the migration of Java EE 8 (see the presentation for details). Gila asked if Jakarta EE would run on Java 11. Mike stated it is based on Java SE 8.

Java SE Update

Brian provided an update on the Java SE 11 release. The six month release cadence has given more time and less pressure to integrate things that aren't quite ready - creating an environments more like a train station than an airport. As features are identified to ship, they are added into the pipeline. The OpenJDK team held a design meeting in Boston with members from IBM and Red Hat collaborating on Project Valhalla. There was a similar meeting in August for Project Loom in Santa Clara. Several of the talks from the JVM Language Summit are available online (Mark Little requested links): Community update (Mark), Future of the JDK (Mark), Language roadmap (Brian), JVM roadmap (John), JVM Language Summit videos list. The team also held an OpenJDK Contributors Workshop and will be investigating holding similar sessions in the future. EC Members should contact Brian if interested in getting involved.

Jackie commented on Valhalla and Loom being a long road ahead and asked about Java and Data Science. Brian explained that the rapid cadence allows smaller pieces to be individually integrated. The Loom proof of concept stage has a longer time frame - if more participants get involved it will be delivered sooner. Java will address machine learning on JVM (Valhalla and Panama are part of that, and also make it possible to write native libraries. Gil asked about Vector APIs - this is addressed in Panama, with significant contribution from Intel and patches plus the Vector API itself. Jackie asked about the Graal VM. Project Metropolis is about adopting pieces of Graal; Graal compiler is the fist piece. Gil asked if Graal VM is being developed outside of OpenJDK, and Brian confirmed at this time it is not in OpenJDK. Sanhong asked about Java Flight Recorder. The OpenJDK community is in discussions about including features that were previously closed features and new requirements for those features will come from the community using them - surface new information, rather than overhead. Amelia asked about naming of projects. Brian indicated they are often related to the feature, such as Project Loom being related to fibers. They are very careful regarding trademarks.

Next OpenJDK Contributor's Workshop:

JCP.Next Discussion

Heather reviewed the status and progress on JCP 387, Streamline the JCP program. It is currently in Public Review. Following the Public Review Ballot, there will be a Final Approval Ballot in November, followed by Final Release in December. The new version of the JCP program will be JCP version 2.11, which should go into effect on December 14. We will discuss with the community during the upcoming week at Oracle Code One and in the Public EC Meeting scheduled for December 11 (see the presentation for more details).

Spec Lead Presentation - Money and Currency API

Werner Keil presented an update on the desire to hold a Transfer Ballot for the Maintenance Leadership of JSR, 354, Money and Currency API (see the presentation for details). The EC and Credit Suisse, as the current Maintenance Lead, agreed that this made sense as a next step. Werner also presented a proposal for Money and Currency 2.0 JSR proposal (see the presentation for details).

Spec Lead Presentation - Units of Measurement API 2.0

Werner Keil presented a Spec Lead presentation on JSR, 385, Units of Measurement API 2.0 (see the presentation for details).

Oracle Code One Activities and Events

We reviewed the plans for JCP related activities at Oracle Code One (see the presentation for details).

Other Business

Heather reviewed the calendar dates for the 2019 JCP EC Meetings (see the presentation for details); the May face to face will be in Tokyo hosted by Fujitsu. Twitter offered to host the Fall face to face meeting again in 2019, dates to be decided based on plans for coinciding with Oracle Code One 2019.

Heather thanked Twitter for hosting the meeting. We reviewed plans for the group dinner in the evening, and the meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting

  • 11 December, 2018; 8:00 am - 10:00 am PST
  • Teleconference (senc hour is public)