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JCP EC AIs: November 2014

Executive Committee Action Items
November 2014

Action Items

New AIs

Current AIs

  • September 2014-01: Calinel Pasteanu to deliver an update on Java and the Ineternet of Things at a future EC meeting.
  • September 2014-02: Patrick to initiate an email discussion about recruiting corporate members.
  • September 2014-03: The PMO to modify the JSR submission template question asking which platform is being targeted to also ask why multiple platforms are not being targeted.
  • September 2014-04: The PMO to discuss licensing requirements with James Hunt (Spec Lead for JSR 282) in the context of the EG's adoption of JCP 2.9.
  • September 2014-05: The PMO to work with the JUG EC representatives to initiate a campaign to challenge JUGs to recruit corporate members into the JCP.
  • August 2014-02: Heather Vancura to report back when she learns the date and location of the 2015 Oracle User Group Summit in Europe.
  • July 2014-01: Jim Wright to provide the EC with a written response to their concerns about the UPL and a written explanation of why Oracle is unwilling to incorporate Apache-licensed RIs into the Java platform.
  • November 2013-01: EC members to provide feedback on version 8 of the IP Flow document.
  • October 2013-02: The PMO to investigate whether Votenet can add an "exit poll" question to next year's ballot. ("What influenced your vote?")
  • May 2013-02: Patrick to incorporate a market/competition review slide into the JSR Review Process presentation.
    • January 23 2014: Make sure that the template collects data on non-EG participation, and that it includes an estimate of the total number of non-EG "contributors".

Closed AIs

  • August 2014-01: Maulin Patel and John Pampuch to check whether they can host the January 2015 f2f meeting in the Bay Area. If not, Patrick to reserve the Oracle Conference Center
    • September 2014: John reported that Azul does not have a large enough room. Maulin confirmed that Freescale can host the meeting at their San Jose facility.
  • August 2014-03: The PMO to post the provisional 2015 meeting calendar on
    • September 2014: Done.
  • July 2014-01: The PMO to warn SAP that they will forfeit their seat if they miss the next EC meeting.
    • July 2014: Done - multiple warnings issued.
  • June 2014-01: Heather to re-open the discussion on JSR deadlines to reconsider specifying a maximum amount of time between Proposed Final Draft and Final Approval Ballot.
    • July 2 2014: Done. Discussed at recent Working Group meeting. Decision: no change to current practice.
  • May 2014-01: Heather to add the anniversary party to the calendar on
    • June 12 2014: Done.
  • May 2014-02: Patrick to file a JSR 364 issue suggesting that Full Members as well as Affiliate Members could be recognized as Contributors to a JSR.
  • May 2014-03: The PMO to adopt a process of reviewing JSR proposals, and referring them to the EC for discussion and the assignment of a mentor if they seem to be incomplete or in need of help.
    • September 2014: the Configuration JSR proposal discussion at the September f2f meeting is a practical example of the implementation of this proposal.
  • May 2014-04: Mike DeNicola to file a JSR 358 issue suggested that we modify the JSR Deadlines section of the Process Document to specify a maximum amount of time between Proposed Final Draft and Final Approval Ballot.
  • May 2014-05: The PMO to incorporate into their procedures a review of long-dormant JSRs that come back to life, initiating a discussion between the EC and the Spec Lead.
    • September 2014: the JSR 282 discussion at the September f2f meeting is a practical example of the implementation of this proposal.
  • May 2014-06: Patrick to file a JSR 364 issue to track employed individuals who are full members as they change employers.
  • April 2014-01: John Weir to provide Patrick with details about proposed Goldman Sachs presentations for the May f2f meeting.
    • May 7 2014: Done.
  • April 2014-02: Ben Evans to send information to the EC mailing-list indicating how EC members can sign up for the joint meeting with the LJC on the Wednesday evening of the f2f meeting.
    • April 18 2014: Done.
  • April 2014-03: The PMO to pass on contact information for Jody Sharpe (the JSR submitter who requested mentorship) to Ben Evans. Ben to follow up and provide a mentor from the LJC.
    • April 23 2014: Done.
  • April 2014-04: The PMO to inform the JSR 48 Spec Lead that the deadline for the Final Approval Reconsideration Ballot has been extended to 90 days.
    • April 18 2014: Done.
  • March 2014-01: John Weir to send logistic info to Heather re the May f2f meeting in London.
    • April 15: Done
  • January 2014-01: Patrick to put the topic of EC discussions of ballot results on the agenda for a future meeting.
    • March 11 2014: Patrick agreed to put this on the agenda for the May f2f meeting.
  • October 2013-01: EC members to provide feedback on the proposed 2014 meeting calendar as discussed at the October meeting.
    • Agreed at the November meeting.
  • October 2013-02: Patrick to figure out who will host the September 2014 f2f meeting adjacent to JavaOne so people can make their hotel reservations early.
    • December 10 2013: Patrick informed the EC that Twitter will host the September 2014 meeting in San Francisco.
  • April 2013-04: Ben Evans, Martijn Verburg, Bruno Souza to investigate publishing formal metrics indicating what JUGs have actually achieved through the Adopt-a-JSR program.
    • May 15 2013: A new tool (BetterRev) is being worked on that should help with some of the data.
    • June 11 2013: There's a new Success Stories page on the Wiki where this kind of information is being reported. Ben and Martejn will provide an update at the f2f meeting in September.
    • July 9 2013: Martijn will try to track down JUG leaders who have worked on Java EE JSRs for more info.
    • September 20 2013: At the f2f meeting Heather, Bruno, and Ben presented a summary of the data they have been able to gather so far. Their efforts will be ongoing, but we agreed to close this AI for now.
  • June 2013-01: Patrick to invite Jim Wright (Oracle’s Open Source Policy and Strategy Officer) to attend an IP Working Group meeting and explain his concerns about incorporating material licensed under the EPL into the platform.
    • July 9 2013: Jim is scheduled to attend the IP Working Group meeting on July 11.
  • May 2013-01: Patrick to re-start the JSR 358 IP Working Group meetings after polling for a new time.
  • May 2013-03: Patrick to report EC members' concerns about the Contributor Agreement proposal to Oracle Legal.
  • April 2013-01: Patrick Curran to post on a document explaining exactly when voting rights are lost and regained.
  • April 2013-02: Patrick Curran to talk to Yolande Poirier about translating Adopt-a-JSR website material into French.
    • April 29 2013: Heather Vancura met with Yolande at JavaOne in Moscow. We will follow up with her.
    • May 22 2013: In progress.
    • June 11 2013: we held a phone conference a couple of weeks ago - 20 participants. Have translated the top-level Adopt webpage into French. Also have a Spanish page up. Working on German, Chinese, and Arabic. Going very well! Will report back at the July meeting.
  • April 2013-03: Heather Vancura to investigate publishing on the reasons why JSRs are dormant.
    • June 11 2013: In progress.
    • July 9 2013: DONE.
  • April 2013-05: Heather Vancura to schedule a review of JSR 907 for the Zurich meeting.
    • April 29 2013: On the agenda.
  • April 2013-06: Heather Vancura to schedule a meeting of the JSR Review Working Group.
    • April 29 2013: Done. A presentation was made at the Zurich f2f meeting.
  • March 2013-01: Bruno Souza to recruit members for a Working Group on individual membership.
    • April 9 2013: The Working Group is working. Bruno and Heather reported on its progress. See the meeting minutes for details.
  • February 2013-01: Ed Lynch to circulate the spreadsheet containing the JSR data discussed in his ecosystem presentation.
    • The minutes of the February meeting have been updated with links to the spreadsheet (which can be found here.)
  • February 2013-02: Gil Tene to present his IP proposals to the IP Working Group.
    • Mar 12 2013: Gil expressed some opinions during the JSR 358 portion of the March meeting.
  • February 2013-03: Scott Stark to present his IP proposals to the IP Working Group.
  • January 2013-01: Patrick Curran and Ben Evans to work on a JUG/JCP Summit or Adopt-a-JSR event for French-speaking JUGs.
    • Apr 9 2013: Patrick reported on the (lack of) progress. See the meeting minutes for details.
    • Apr 29 2013: We're still working on it.
    • May 22 2013: A teleconference has been scheduled for May 31.
    • June 11 2013: Done - see AI April 2013-02.
  • January 2013-02: Ed Lynch to lead a discussion on the Spec Lead imbalance at the February EC meeting.
  • January 2013-03: Don Deutsch and Patrick Curran to talk to Oracle Legal and Execs about standardized licenses.
  • January 2013-04: Steve Wolfe, Scott Jameson and Mike Milinkovich to develop a proposal on Essential Patents.
    • Feb 12 2013: They have met and developed a proposal. They are prefer to wait until Oracle has responded to the licensing proposals before circulating this.
    • May 15 2013: Mike Milinkovich has circulated the proposal to the EC mailing list.
  • January 2013-05: Bruno Souza to produce a summary document and proposal for alternate forms of individual membership.
    • Mar 12 2013: Bruno presented some data.
  • January 2013-06: Mike Milinkovich, Patrick Curran and Heather Vancura to derive a JCP-specific template from the Eclipse Project Review Template.
    • Mar 12 2013: The first phone conference took place on March 12.