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JCP EC AIs: February 2013

Executive Committee Action Items
February 12 2013

Action Items

New this month

  • February 2013-01: Ed Lynch to circulate the spreadsheet containing the JSR data discussed in his ecosystem presentation.
  • February 2013-02: Gil Tene to present his IP proposals to the IP Working Group.
  • February 2013-03: Scott Stark to present his IP proposals to the IP Working Group.

From previous months

  • January 2013-01: Patrick Curran and Ben Evans to work on a JUG/JCP Summit or Adopt-a-JSR event at Devoxx France.
    • Feb 12 2013: The PMO/LJC proposal for a JCP/Adopt-a-JSR session at Devoxx France had been rejected. Also, the weekend after the conference is Easter, meaning that it would be difficult to organize some kind of event then. Instead, they will try to organize something adjacent to the EC meeting in Zurich in May.
  • January 2013-02: Ed Lynch to lead a discussion on the Spec Lead imbalance at the February EC meeting.
    • Feb 12 2013: On the agenda for this meeting. AI CLOSED.
  • January 2013-03: Don Deutsch and Patrick Curran to talk to Oracle Legal about standardized licenses.
  • January 2013-04: Steve Wolfe, Scott Jameson and Mike Milinkovich to develop a proposal on Essential Patents.
    • Feb 12 2013:: They have met and developed a proposal. Steve will write it up and circulate it soon.
  • January 2013-05: Bruno Souza to produce a summary document and proposal for alternate forms of individual membership.
    • Feb 12 2013: In progress.
  • January 2013-06: Mike Milinkovich, Patrick Curran and Heather Vancura to derive a JCP-specific template from the Eclipse Project Review Template.
    • Feb 12 2013: No progress yet. Patrick promised to schedule a phone conference soon.