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Skipping the EDR of JSR-330
Subject: Skipping the EDR of JSR-330
From: Roberto Chinnici
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:47:06 -0700
CC: Patrick Curran

We are submitting this request for consideration by the SE/EE EC, ahead of next week's meeting.



For the past six weeks the JSR-330 expert group has worked feverishly on updating the initial API proposal to better align it with JSR-299, as requested by several Executive Committee members during the inception ballot for 330 [1]

Following these changes, we (Sun) feel comfortable with including JSR-330 in the Java EE 6 Platform (developed as JSR-316). At the same time, we'd like to minimize the impact that this late change of plans will have on our release schedule.


Considering that:

  1. JSR-330 has a broad participation from the dependency injection community, with representatives from all major and not-so-major frameworks;
  2. the original JSR-330 proposal was made public well in advance of the JSR submission;
  3. there has been extensive debate on that proposal through blogs, etc., authored by prominent community members;
  4. the JSR-330 expert group has been operating in the open at [2], with a publicly readable mailing list, a publicly accessible issue tracker and a publicly accessible source code repository;
  5. the JSR-330 expert group reached an agreement on the API at the end of June and made only editorial changes to the API since then;
  6. the specification for the API, in the form of javadocs, has been publicly accessible the entire time and was promptly updated to reflect any expert group decisions;

we feel that the intent of the "Early Draft Review" stage, as detailed in section 2.3 of the JCP 2.7 process document [3], has been fully respected.

In particular, as required by the process document, "Anyone with access to the Internet can download and comment on the draft": indeed, the public has been able to comment on the then current specification draft since the formation of the expert group. Furthermore, the public has been able to follow every step taken by the expert group in addressing the comments and correcting any issues thus discovered.


We request that the SE/EE Executive Committee recognize that JSR-330, by the openness and transparency of its working process, has effectively met all the requirements listed in the process document for the Early Draft Review, and consequently that it should be allowed to submit a draft for Public Review without further ado.


Naturally, we envision that similar criteria be applied in the future to any JSR that satisfies the same requirements for openness and transparency, and we hope that a future revision of the JCP Process Document will explicitly account for this situation.