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JCP EC minutes (public): April, 2009

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
for 7 April, 2009

version 0.2: Jul 7, 2009


April 7 , 2009




Tuesday April 7

  • Roll call
  • Agenda review
  • Welcome to new member (Aplix)
  • Approve minutes of February meeting
  • Results of Electronic Ballot
  • Jeet Kaul discussion/Q&A
  • EC stats
  • Personnel changes
  • JSR 215 Maintenance review
  • Annual award nominations process
  • Sean Sheedy: report from Java ME discussion group (time permitting)



  • Patrick Curran, Max Lanfranconi, Heather Vancura



  • AplixJohn Rizzo present
  • Ericsson � Magnus Olsson – present
  • IBM � Mark Rogalski � present
  • Motorola � Mike Milikich � present
  • Nokia � Pentti Savolainen � present
  • Orange France � not present
  • Philips � Jon Piesing � present
  • Qisda � not present
  • RIM � not present
  • Samsung � Hobum Kwon – present
  • Sean Sheedy � present
  • Siemens � Christoph Kuhmuench, Marquart Franz � present
  • Sony Ericsson Andreas Kristensson � present
  • Sun � Roger Riggs � present
  • Time Warner Cable � not present
  • Vodafone � Kay Glahn � present

Total attendance: 12

  • Apache � Geir Magnusson � present

  • Eclipse � not present
  • Ericsson � Jens Jensen – present
  • Fujitsu � Mike DeNicola present
  • Google � not present
  • HP � Scott Jameson � present
  • IBM � Mark Thomas, Steve Wolfe � present
  • Intel � Wayne Carr � present
  • Werner Keil � present
  • Doug Lea � present
  • Nortel � not present
  • Oracle � Anish Karmarkar � present
  • RedHat � not present
  • SAP – not present
  • SpringSource � not present
  • Sun � Danny Coward, Roberto Chinnici � present

Total attendance: 11

Since 75% of the ME EC was present, there was a quorum for the ME EC at this meeting.
Since 75% of the SE/EE EC was not present, there was no quorum for the SE/EE EC at this meeting.


New member welcome

Patrick welcomed John Rizzi, representing Aplix, who was recently elected to Intel's vacated seat on the ME EC. John introduced himself, explaining that he is VP of Technology Strategycat Aplix, and has been working with Java for many years.

Minutes of previous meeting

Members reviewed and approved the minutes of the February meeting. (Comments from Wayne Carr and Geir Magnusson had previously been incorporated.)

Electronic ballot

Following the February 2009 EC meeting, the following motion for electronic (email) voting was proposed by Apache Software Foundation and seconded by Intel Corp.

“TCK licenses must not be used to discriminate against or restrict compatible implementations of Java specifications by including field of use restrictions on the tested implementations or otherwise. Licenses containing such limitations do not meet the requirements of the JSPA, the agreement under which the JCP operates, and violate the expectations of the Java community that JCP specs can be openly implemented.”

Results of the vote were as follows:

ME EC: 14 Yes, 1 No, 1 Ineligable

SE/EE EC: 15 Yes, 1 No

  • Aplix - Yes
  • Ericsson – Yes
  • IBM – Yes
  • Motorola – Yes
  • Nokia – Yes
  • Orange France - Yes
  • Philips – Yes
  • Qisda – ineligible to vote
  • RIM – Yes
  • Samsung – Yes
  • Sean Sheedy –Yes
  • Siemens – Yes
  • Sony Ericsson – Yes
  • Sun – No
  • Time Warner Cable – Yes
  • Vodafone – Yes
  • Apache – Yes
  • Eclipse – Yes
  • Ericsson - Yes
  • Fujitsu – Yes
  • Google – Yes
  • HP – Yes
  • IBM – Yes
  • Intel – Yes
  • Werner Keil – Yes
  • Doug Lea –Yes
  • Nortel – Yes
  • Oracle – Yes
  • Red Hat – Yes
  • SAP – Yes
  • SpringSource - Yes
  • Sun – No

Jeet Kaul discussion

The ECs went into private session for a discussion with Jeet Kaul (Vice President of the Client Software Group at Sun) on the negotiations between Apache and Sun.

JSR 215 Maintenance review

EC members discussed the proposed changes to the Process Document. Some members expressed concerns that proposed changes were too radical for inclusion in a Maintenance Release. It was agreed in each case to seek a compromise by "softening" the language, rather than to abandon the change. Wayne Carr agreed to circulate a revised version of the document after the meeting. Members would be given a final chance to raise concerns by email, and then a vote would be held to proceed with the Maintenance Review.

NOTE: after the meeting members voted to proceed with the Review. The final draft of the Process Document, indicating all proposed changes, is available from See

EC statistics

Patrick briefly presented the usual EC statistics, pointing out that Eclipse and Nortel did not vote in a recent SE/EE JSR ballot, while Motorola, Qisda, Samsung, Time Warner failed to vote on two Java ME JSR ballots. Patrick reminded EC members of their obligation to vote on JSRs. It was suggested that perhaps penalties should be applied to those who fail to vote (and to those who fail to attend meetings). Patrick agreed to put this matter on the list of possible reforms for the next version of the Process Document.

Personnel changes

Patrick reported several changes (see the PMO Topics presentation).

Annual awards process

Patrick announced that In the interests of promoting transparency, the PMO proposed to open up the nomination process to the membership, who would be encouraged to make nominations through the JCP Wiki site. The PMO, in consultation with the ECs, would make the final choice of nominees, and the ECs would - as usual - vote on the nominations.

Report on the ME working group

Sean Sheedy briefly discussed the activities of the Java ME working group. He reported that the group held a preliminary meeting three weeks ago, and that there seemed to be enough interest to continue meeting regularly. Sean promised to publish minutes. Patrick agreed to chair future meetings, in order to emphasize that these are official EC meetings.