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Once a JSR has been approved, the Expert Group for the specification must be formed. If the approved JSR was submitted under the Java Community ProcessSM, Version 1.0, a CAll For Experts (CAFE) is used to solicit nominations for the Expert Group, as described in Section 3. Under the current Java Community Process, nominations for the Expert Group are accepted during JSR Review; there is no separate CAll For Experts.

CAFEs are currently open for the following approved JSRs. Members who have signed a JSPA and wish to nominate an Expert to serve on one or more of these Expert Groups can submit their nomination(s) using the nomination form.

Open CAFEs

  • No CAlls For Experts open at this time.

To submit a CAFE nomination for a JSR not listed as Open, please use the regular form, or select "I would like to join this Expert Group" on the page for the JSR.

Recently Closed CAFEs

CAFE Archive

A list of all previous CAFEs is available at the link below.

CAFE Privacy Statement

Sun Microsystems respects your rights of privacy. All information that you provide to Sun with regard to your CAFE nomination will be used for the selection of Experts and a Specification Lead under the terms of the Java Community Process in effect for that JSR, either JCP 1.0 , or JCP 2.0 . Information in your CAFE nomination will be shared with the Specification Lead, who may be external to Sun, but only to enable the Specification Lead to interview and select candidates to serve on the Expert Group. It will also be accessible to any auditors for the Java Community Process, but will be held in confidence by them and will not be revealed in any public document without your explicit written permission.

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