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The Java Community Process (JCP) comprises diverse people sharing a common goal. These brief profiles reflect the personal face of the JCP program participants who have proven their intense interest in Java technology by running for the Executive Committee. Take a peek to discover both the outstanding and regular aspects of what they do within and beyond this community.

C. Enrique Ortiz
A Java technology old-timer, C. Enrique Ortiz was originally intrigued by the Java language design, its potential, and its application to mobile/wireless devices. "My first encounter with Java was around the year 1996, during its early days. At that time I was in discovery-mode, learning the language, its OO capabilities, and potential. But it was not until 1998-1999 that I begun embracing Java, the KVM, and then J2ME and J2EE, for end-to-end mobility software development, applied to the enterprise," he says.
Enrique is a wireless mobility technologist and writer who has employed Java technology in just about every possible permutation: as an end-user, software architect and developer, development manager, vendor of Java-based products, and mobility technology writer. He co-authored one of the first books on Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), and currently writes for Sun Microsystems and others, and maintains the site that provides online resources to the J2ME developer community.
In particular, Enrique is enthusiastic about mobility and pervasive computing and has focused on developing and writing about secure enterprise-class end-to-end wireless mobility software and architectures. An early adopter of J2ME and end-to-end wireless mobility, he has developed applications for mobile access to corporate data, location-based services, collaboration software, mobile application servers (gateways), Java-based tools for the development of J2ME and thin-client applications, and has contributed to open-source projects such as Antenna.
In 2000, Enrique joined the JCP, becoming an active member on the J2ME side of the community by serving on various expert groups, including JSR 118 Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0, JSR 124 J2EE Client Provisioning Specification, JSR 172 J2ME Web Services Specification, JSR 180 SIP API for J2ME, JSR 211 Content Handler API, and JSR 228 Information Module Profile - Next Generation. He sat as an observer in the expert group for JSR 248 Mobile Service Architecture for CLDC, and he contributed to numerous JSRs during public review. In 2004, he took 11% of the votes for a seat on the ME EC.
With a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Puerto Rico, Enrique launched his career fifteen years ago. Born in Puerto Rico, and currently residing in Austin, Texas with his family, Enrique enjoys researching new technologies, astronomy, golf frisbee, writing, and the sea.
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