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Java Community Process EC Elections
2018 Executive Committee (EC) Election

The 2018 JCP EC Election results are announced.

Congratulations to the newly and re-elected EC Members and thank you to all the nominees who ran in this election.

Take a look at the 2018 JCP EC Election nominees.

25 September - 8 October 2018 Nominations open for Elected and Associate Seats
1 November 2018 Meet the JCP Executive Committee Candidates Teleconference @ 10 AM PDT
1 November 2018 Voter eligibility deadline
6 -19 November 2018 Ballot open for voting
20 November 2018 Election results available
4 December 2018 New EC members take office


Under the JCP 2.10 rules, there are 16 Ratified Seats, 6 Elected Seats, 2 Associate Seats and the permanent seat held by Oracle America. Members serve 2-year terms that are staggered so that 12 of the 24 seats are normally up for ratification/election each year.

The EC members guide the evolution of the Java technologies. The EC represents a cross-section of both major stakeholders and other members of the Java Community. Duties are: select JSRs for development, approve draft Specifications for Public Review, approve Final Specifications, review TCK appeals, approve Maintenance revisions and possibly defer some features to a new JSR, approve transfer of maintenance duties between members and provide guidance to the Program Management Office (PMO). For more information on the EC, see the Executive Committee Info page.

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For more information on the JCP, see the JCP Overview page.

Contact the PMO for election questions at