list of proposed changes

Updated March 2, 2012


JSR 348 was the first of three proposed JSRs to modify the JCP's processes. That JSR deliberately focused on non-controversial changes that could be implemented within a few months. Difficult or controversial matters such as issues affecting governance or IP flow, and everything that would require a change to the JSPA, were postponed to a follow-on JSR.

The second JSR (JSR 355) is forcused solely on merging the two Executive Committees, and like JSR 348 will change only the Process Document and Standing Rules.

This document lists items that have been suggested for inclusion in the third JSR (, which will modify the JSPA as well as the Process Document.

Items under consideration for

Eliminate confidentiality language

Oracle Legal's review of license terms (Process Document change only)

Refactor the JSPA

Non-assertion patent covenant

Enable implementations before specs are finalized

Non-Java implementations of JSRs

Allow JSRs to reach a natural end of life

Clarify IP flow in the case of bankruptcy or Spec-Lead abandonment

Must the Expert Group dissolve at Final Release?

Licensing (new)

Standardized licenses

Reconcile the JSPA with transparency requirements (new)

Clarification of JSPA language

Clarify the meaning and role of the Reference Implementation

TCK changes


Clarification of the roles of individuals and their employers

Fee structure


Procedural issues