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FAQ: JSR and Expert Group Questions

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JSR Questions
Expert Group Questions
JSR Questions

Q: I want to submit a new Java Specification Request (JSR). What do I do?
A: First, you must be a representative of a JCP Member. If you are not sure if you are listed as a representative of a JCP Member, log in to using the login prompt in the navigation bar on the left (under "My JCP"). Then click "My Profile" to see if you are listed as representing a particular Member. If you do not have a login, please register for the site. If you are an employee of an existing JCP Member, you can then request to be associated to that Member as its representative. To look up the list of JCP Members, view the list of JCP Members here. For instructions on becoming a JCP Member, refer to the Becoming a Member page. Once you are a representative of a JCP Member, you should gather some support for your upcoming proposal. You can contact the Specification Leads of other JSRs and run it by the Executive Committee which will vote on your proposal. Once you feel that you have enough industry support, fill out the JSR proposal form.
Q: The most recent stage in the status table of JSR XXX is a long time ago. How do I know what is happening now?
A: First, look at the JCP document. Chances are the Spec Lead and/or Expert Group is working on developing the specification for the stage following the last one listed. For instance, if "Expert Group formation" is the last stage listed, it can be assumed that the Expert Group is hard at work coming up with the Early Draft Review draft.
Second, take a look at the Community tab for that JSR (log in to first). The Spec Lead should keep this page up to date with information about the progress of the specification's development.
Third, contact the Spec Lead directly with an e-mail inquiry about the status of the JSR.
Finally, if this doesn't receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, write an e-mail message to explaining your concerns/questions. The PMO will follow up with the Spec Lead and Expert Group.
Q: I share the Spec Lead role with X other people. How can I change the order of the Spec Lead names listed on the JSR XXX detail page?
A: Multiple Spec Leads are listed alphabetically by last name/surname. This order is built into the site and cannot be changed.
Q: I've noticed that JSR XXX is labeled "Inactive". What does "Inactive" mean?
A: This means that the JSR has not gone final and that its Spec Lead and Expert Group have not published a milestone draft for their JSR in more than 12 months. This may mean that the specification has reached a particularly difficult stage in its development, or that the community interest in the JSR has waned. Once the "Inactive" label is applied, the PMO works closely with the Spec Leads of any "Inactive" JSRs to get them to produce the next milestone draft/release so as to remove the "Inactive" label. If the Spec Lead and Expert Group are unable to produce a draft after a further six months from the application of the "Inactive" label - that is to say, a JSR goes at least a year and a half without posting a draft or release - the PMO may withdraw the JSR in question from the process.
Q: What is a JSR milestone?
A: Any stage delineated in the JCP document which results in an update to a JSR's status table. In JCP 2.6, this includes: JSR Approval Ballot, JSR Reconsideration Ballot, EG formation, Early Draft Review, Public Review, Public Draft Approval Ballot, Public Draft Reconsideration Ballot, Proposed Final Draft, Final Approval Ballot, Final Release, Maintenance Review, Item Exception Ballot and Maintenance Release. Note that when a JSR is rejected in a ballot or withdrawn by the Spec Lead, these also are shown in the JSR's status table, but as they result in the end of a JSR, they are not considered milestones in the same way as the other stages. Note, too, that a Spec Lead may provide detailed information on the progress of a JSR or the Expert Group may post drafts of the specificationin a publicly accessible forum (such as a project), but that neither of these constitute a milestone in the JCP process.
Q: I'm looking for the Final Release/Proposed Final Draft/Maintenance Release of a particular JSR, and the JSR page shows a start date but no end date. When will the milestone be available?
A: It already is available. An end date is only shown for review periods in the process. For a Proposed Final Draft, Final Release, or Maintenance Release, the files are posted and the date they are posted is listed as the start date. To get at the download, simply click the "Download page" link to the left of the start date.
Q: I've been sending mail to, but no one is responding. Is the Spec Lead ignoring me, or is the site broken?
A: Neither. jsr-xyz-comments aliases no longer exist; they were phased out in June 2009 in favor of the jsr-xyz-public discussion boards. To find the discussion board of a particular JSR, visit that JSR's summary page ( , where "XYZ" is the JSR number) and click the link "jsr-xyz-public". As an alternative method, logged-in users can click "My Discussions" on any page and then click "List ALL boards" for a list of all of the public JSR discussion boards.

Expert Group Questions

Q: Is there a way to know who has nominated to serve on a given JSR's Expert Group?
A: Yes, for JSRs operating under JCP 2.8 and later. Each such JSR has a section 2.19 that describes the public communications channel for that JSR, and JCP 2.8 Spec Leads are required to provide all deliberations on all nominations for the Expert Group of their JSRs on the public communications channel, so if the JSR is operating under JCP 2.8 or later, the information about all the nominees should be there.
Q: I can't login to the Expert Group tab for JSR XXX with my Member access info. Is the site broken?
A: No. Member access info does not grant access to the Expert Group private areas. Each Expert Group private tab can only be accessed by those specific experts on that particular Expert Group. Each expert on an Expert Group is able to access the Expert Group tab using their normal login unique to them. If you believe that you are an expert on a particular JSR's Expert Group but are not listed, please fill out the Expert Group nomination form and have the Spec Lead of that JSR contact the PMO to confirm.
Q: I am an expert on JSR XXX. My Expert Group login information is not letting me browse the alias archives. What do I do?
A: Some JSRs may still have archived messages from the old site, stored in listserv archives. You must create a login for yourself on the listserver for perusing alias archive; your login only works for If you have already signed up with the listserver but have misplaced your login info, you will need to use the "get a new LISTSERV password" link.
Q: I've been added to the Expert Group for JSR XXX; my name has just appeared in the Expert Group private page. I'm not receiving e-mail from the EG alias. What's wrong?
A: Updates to the EG aliases do not happen instantaneously; the list server can take up to 24 hours to refresh. New Expert Group additions should receive Expert Group alias messages (for Expert Groups of JSRs on which they serve) by this time tomorrow.

Note that, for JCP 2.8 JSRs, much of the EG communication may be done on a separate forum/alias than the jsr-xxx-eg alias on, so that may take even longer. Contact the Spec Lead for more information about your JCP 2.8 Expert Group.
Q: I submitted my JSPA a week ago. When will I get on the Expert Group for JSR XXX?
A: Submitting a JSPA is not a guarantee that you will be accepted onto an Expert Group. If you have not already done so, you need to nominate yourself to serve on the Expert Group, by filling out the Expert Group nomination form. The Spec Lead, in conjunction with his Expert Group (if there is one already) then decides whether or not to admit you on to the Expert Group. Only when the Spec Lead confirms your addition to the Expert Group will you be added.
Q: I want to join an Expert Group, but there is no link "I would like to join this Expert Group" on the JSR page. What do I do?
A:At some point in every JSR's development, the Spec Lead and Expert Group decide to stop actively seeking new experts, and the link to join the EG is removed. Then, at Final Release, Expert Groups are officially disbanded, so if the JSR in question has reached Final Release, there is no EG to join! But if the JSR has not reached Final Release, you may contact the Spec Lead directly to see if your addition to the group would be welcome.
Q: I submitted my EG nomination for JSR XXX some time ago. When will I get on the Expert Group?
A: Submitting a self-nomination is not a guarantee that you will be accepted onto an Expert Group. The Spec Lead (and Expert Group, if there is one already) must confirm your addition to the Expert Group before you are added. To view the status of an open nomination: log in to, then click "My JSRs" in the left nav. The resulting page shows all of the JSRs you lead, all the JSRs for which you are an expert, and all of your pending nominations. Each pending nomination will show how the Spec Lead and the PMO has voted, and a legend on that page shows what each vote means. If you have any questions about a vote, contact the Spec Lead or the PMO directly.
Q: I'm on an Expert Group as a representative of a JCP Member organization. My job responsibilities have changed and I need to specify my replacement on the Expert Group. How do I do this?
A: First, notify the Spec Lead(s) of the affected JSR and the PMO via e-mail. Second, have your replacement fill out the Expert Group nomination form. The PMO will remove you and the Spec Lead should approve your replacment.
Q: I'm on an Expert Group but my contact information has changed. How do I make the update?
A: Make sure you are logged into, then click "My Profile" and then "Edit Profile". Make the necessary changes and click "submit". NOTE that this should ONLY be used to change contact information while you are representing the same JCP Member - you cannot change your JCP Member affiliation by editing your own profile. Similarly, you may not use the edit profile function to specify someone else's e-mail address or other contact information. Suspicious profile changes get flagged and may result in the profile being removed from
Q: I've heard a lot about the changes that have comewith a recent JCP revision, and I wonder: do these changes affect me as an Expert Group member?
A: Yes. An overview of the changes are found on the following pages: summary of JCP 2.7 changes, and the summary of JCP 2.8 changes.
Q: I'm working with the Maintenance Lead of a JSR that has already gone Final, and wish to be added to the Expert Group. How do I do this?
A: Work with the Maintenance Lead until such time as a new JSR is filed. The Expert Group listed on is a record of all the JCP Members who worked on the original Specification; it officially disbanded at the Final Release. The Maintenance Lead may choose to ask for your input during the Maintenance phase of the JSR, but such work is not as part of the Expert Group, which "went Final" when the JSR did.

Q: I am a member of a JUG (Java User Group), which is already a JCP Member. What do I need to do in order to join an Expert Group?
A: To join an Expert Group of a JSR as the representative of a JUG, you will also have to be an individual JCP Member with an Exhibit B signed by your current employer for that specific JSR. This is to ensure that the individual's employer acknowledges its awareness of individual's participation in the JCP and the intellectual property rules of the JSPA. You must submit one Exhibit B for each JSR you wish to join. If you do not already have an individual JCP Membership, you will need to submit a JSPA for individuals, following the instructions for individuals. After you have completed your individual Membership and have an Exhibit B signed by your employer for this JSR, you should log on to using your JUG account and fill out the Expert Group nomination form. Do NOT use your individual Membership account for the Expert Group nomination form! As with any Expert Group nomination, your acceptance is subject to approval by the Spec Lead (and Expert Group, if there is one already).