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The 17th JCP Annual Awards

The Java Community Process (JCP) program celebrates success. Members of the community nominate worthy participants, Spec Leads and Java Specification Requests (JSRs) in order to cheer on the hard work and creativity that produces ground-breaking results for the community in the Java technology.

The community gets together every year, at Oracle Code One this year, to applaud in person the winners the JCP Program Awards. This year we have two award categories: JCP Member/Participant of the Year and JCP Spec Lead/JSR of the Year.

With great appreciation, now for the 17th year, the community recognizes the award nominees, listed below, with their nomination justifications. The award results will be announced at the Annual JCP Community Party at Oracle Code One 2019 on Monday, 16 September 2019.

JCP Member/Participant of the Year
  • Utrecht JUG (Thodoris Bais)

    Thodoris is an extremely active Expert Group member of JSR 385. He contributes code, files bugs, assists the architecture, suggests improvements, facilitates new users and advocates JSR 385 at conferences like Developer Week or JCON. In addition, he actively advocates JSR 385 on social media and YouTube. Besides, Thodoris is the Founder & Leader of Utrecht Java User Group where he actively supports the Adopt-a-JSR program. He recently organized an Adopt-a-JSR Day for the Utrecht JUG, hosting Spec Lead Werner Keil. The event was very productive, resulting in 3 complete demos using Kotlin Repl, Spring Boot and Vaadin, it also coincided with the Public Review of JSR 385, allowing participants to do their own review and help with open issues or questions. Last but not least, Thodoris created the Adopt-a-JSR program within Utrecht Java User Group, where a group of dedicated Utrecht JUG members starts getting more involved in the JSRs like 385. Undoubtedly, Thodoris is a valuable community resource and inspiration to others.

  • JCP Program Management Office (PMO) Staff * Winner *

    As we celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the JCP program, it seems fitting to recognize the efforts of the JCP Program Office Staff, many of whom have been with the JCP PMO since the very early days. The Program Management Office is the group within Oracle designated to oversee the Java Community Process and manage the daily running of the program. The JCP program runs smoothly thanks to the dedication of the PMO staff. These individuals bring not only a wealth of diverse technical, academic, and personal training and experience to the task of nurturing the community, but they also share a passionate enthusiasm for Java technology and the community that is evolving it. The JCP PMO also provides the role of the JCP Chair, and the leadership of the Executive Committee and the evolution of the JCP Program itself, through the JCP.Next Effort. In 2018-2019 this update was delivered as JSR 387, Streamline the JCP program. This JSR made changes to the Process Document with the goals of further streamlining the organization's processes. This resulted in the current version of the JCP Program, JCP version 2.11.

JCP Spec Lead/JSR of the Year
  • Jean-Marie Dautelle, Werner Keil and Otavio Santana (JSR 385, Units of Measurement 2.0) * Winner *

    Werner is undoubtedly an outstanding Spec Lead for the season 2018-2019. I know Werner from our collaboration on JSR-385. Werner is always there to answer questions, design the strategy of our JSR, develop features, solve bugs, support new participants, recruit new JCP members and evangelize JSR-385 (and subsequently the JCP) in developer conferences. All in all, an all-around exceptional contributor to JSR 385 who definitely deserves such an award this year. Werner and Otavio have done a great job leading the JSR 385 promoting event, hacking in addition to one of the very active JSR. Otavio was always there to help in any possible way with JSR-385 in terms of strategy, exposure of our JSR in conferences and any other question. Jean-Marie played a key role in the evolution of JSR 385 to what Units of Measurement 2.0 is today. Jean-Marie deserves recognition for the overall typesafe nature that started with JSR 275.

  • Brian Goetz, Iris Clark (JSR 386, Java SE 12, JSR 388, Java SE 13)

    Brian and Iris lead the JSRs for the Java SE Platform. The Reference Implementation of this Specification is the Java Development Kit. They have worked with the Java developer community to deliver on the six month Java platform release cadence starting with Java SE 10 and Java SE 11 in 2018, and Java SE 12 in 2019, with Java SE 13 to be delivered later this year. Iris and Brian have also participated in JCP EC Working Group Meetings, JCP EC Meetings and OpenJDK Committers workshops to increase the amount of engagement and participation in the development of the platform.

Description of the JCP Award Categories

JCP Member/Participant of the Year - This award recognizes the corporate or individual member (either Member or Participant) who has made the most significant positive impact on the community in the past year. Leadership, investment in the community, and innovation are some of the qualities that EC Members look for in voting for this award.
JCP Spec Lead/JSR of the Year - The role of Spec Lead is not an easy one, and the person who takes that responsibility must be, among other things, technically savvy, able to build consensus in spite of diverse corporate goals, and focused on efficiency and execution. This award recognizes the person who has brought together these qualities the best in the past year, in leading a JSR for the Java community.

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