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JSR 93: JavaTM API for XML Registries 1.0 (JAXR)

Stage Access Start Finish
Final Release Download page 11 Jun, 2002  
Final Approval Ballot View results 16 Apr, 2002 29 Apr, 2002
Proposed Final Draft Download page 08 Mar, 2002  
Public Review 2 Download page 16 Nov, 2001 16 Dec, 2001
Public Review Download page 14 Aug, 2001 13 Sep, 2001
Community Draft Ballot View results 10 Jul, 2001 16 Jul, 2001
Community Review Login page 30 May, 2001 16 Jul, 2001
Expert Group Formation   22 Jan, 2001 23 Jan, 2001
JSR Review Ballot View results 09 Jan, 2001 22 Jan, 2001
Status: Final
JCP version in use: 2.1
Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 1.0

JAXR provides an API for a set of distributed Registry Services that enables business-to-business integration between business enterprises, using the protocols being defined by, Oasis, ISO 11179.

Please direct comments on this JSR to the Spec Lead(s)

Specification Leads
  Paul Sterk Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Expert Group
  BEA Systems Cisco Systems Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
  Encoda Systems, Inc. Extol, Inc. Hewlett-Packard
  IBM Kim, Chaemee Novell, Inc.
  NTT (Nippon Telegraph & Telephone) Corporation Progress Software Sterling Commerce
  Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sybase Vitria Technology
  WebGain WebMethods Corporation

Original Java Specification Request (JSR)

Identification | Request | Contributions

Section 1. Identification

Submitting Member: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Name of Contact Person: Farrukh Najmi

E-Mail Address:

Telephone Number: (781) 442-0703

Fax Number: (781) 442-1610

Specification Lead: Farrukh Najmi

E-Mail Address:

Telephone Number: (781) 442-0703

Fax Number: (781) 442-1610

Initial Expert Group Membership:
(Please provide company or organization names. Note that expert group members must have signed the JSPA.)

Cisco Systems


XML Solutions

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Corporation

webMethods Inc.

IPNet Solutions

Section 2: Request

2.1 Please describe the proposed Specification:

2.2 What is the target Java platform? (i.e., desktop, server, personal, embedded, card, etc.)

The JAXR 1.0 specification will be provided initially as an optional package, but may be incorporated into the Java 2 Enterprise Edition platform as soon as this is practical and there is sufficient demand to warrant such integration.

2.3 What need of the Java community will be addressed by the proposed specification?

JAXR 1.0 will specify API's enabling the Java Community to develop portable eBusiness applications and tools that support emerging industry standards for XML registries on the internet. Among candidate capabilities are:

2.4 Why isn't this need met by existing specifications?

Existing specification such as JNDI are not suitable for meeting the requirements of business registries as outlined in section 2.3.

Given the diversity of communication requirements and technologies amongst multiple trading partners, there is currently no standard way to accomplish the sharing of business content between trading partners, using public or private registries. However, industry standards are emerging.

More specifically, there is currently no standard Java API facilitating the use of the many registries that are becoming available over the web. The ability to describe a standard way to access content in these registries will facilitate dynamic discovery of business partners and services and subsequently enable Web based business-to-business communication.

Although this specification will focus exclusively on business applications written using the Java platform with messages and services described using XML (as specified by open industry standards such as ebXML), such applications will be capable of interoperating with all applications conforming to a common message exchange schema.

2.5 Please give a short description of the underlying technology or technologies:

The JAXR 1.0 specification will specify abstract Java interfaces specifically targeted to provide a simple to use Java API for accessing internet registries. The specifications will be developed by industry experts to ensure that JAXR clients can access business registries based on open standards such as ebXML, OASIS, eCo framework as well as other industry consortium led registry specifications such as UDDI.

In addition, the JAXR specification assumes that all communication between registry and registry clients will be based on the Java API for XML Messaging (JAXM) specification.

2.6 Is there a proposed package name for the API Specification? (i.e., javapi.something, org.something, etc.)


2.7 Does the proposed specification have any dependencies on specific operating systems, CPUs, or I/O devices that you know of?


2.8 Are there any security issues that cannot be addressed by the current security model?

No. The goal is to leverage the security services of the Java TM2 platform, Standard Edition and Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition where possible.

2.9 Are there any internationalization or localization issues?

No. The goal is to leverage the I18N services of the Java 2 platform, Standard Edition. There are no localization implications at this time.

2.10 Are there any existing specifications that might be rendered obsolete, deprecated, or in need of revision as a result of this work?


2.11 Please describe the anticipated schedule for the development of this specification.

Community Draft Q1 2001
Public Draft Q2 2001

Section 3: Contributions

3.1 Please list any existing documents, specifications, or implementations that describe the technology. Please include links to the documents if they are publicly available.

  • Java API for XML Messaging 1.0 -
  • ebXML Registry Information Model Specification v0.3
  • ebXML Registry Services Specification v0.8
  • 3.2 Explanation of how these items might be used as a starting point for the work.

    The Java API for XML Messaging 1.0 defines how XML messages are exchanged between a registry client and a registry implementation. This specification is key to ensuring interoperable communication between any ebXML registry client and any ebXML Registry implementation.

    The ebXML Registry Information Model Specification v0.3 provides the information model that:

    ebXML Registry Services Specification v0.8 specifies a set of registry services that provide registry clients access to registry content. These services are used to submit content to the registry, manage the life cycle of submitted content as well as the querying of submitted content.