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Programs and Awards

We take pride in the work of our community members and are honored by the opportunity to spotlight them for their achievements related to the Java Community Process (JCP) program.

The JCP program as a whole has received industry awards overtime and we are equally honored by the chance to share these successes. This page is a tribute to Star Spec Leads, members and the JCP program as a whole.

Star Spec Lead Program

The JCP Program Management Office (PMO) introduced at the 2005 JavaOne Conference an incentive program to reward and recognize Spec Leads who have repeatedly proven their merit by producing high quality specifications, establishing best practices, and mentoring others. The point of such honor is to endorse the good work that they do, showcase their methods for current spec leads to emulate, and motivate other JCP program members to become Spec Leads.

For details about the Star Spec Lead Program and a listing of Spec Leads who got the "Star" distinction to date, visit

JCP Program Awards
JCP Program Awards
The JCP Program Management Office (PMO) presents the annual JCP awards during the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco.
2009 Awards
2008 Awards
2007 Awards
2006 Awards
2005 Awards
2004 Awards
2003 Awards
Industry Awards Received by the JCP Program
The Winners are Announced for the Product of the Year 2005 contest!
JCP based technologies take Technology of the Year, Wireless Product and
Web Services Product of the Year
Onno Kluyt wins 2004 Java Pro Community award for Best Individual Contribution.
Java Pro 2004 Readers Choice Awards, JCP based technologies take
Best Mobile Development Tool awards.
Top Java Products Honored
Java Pro Readers' Choice Awards, JSR 198
(11 June 2003)
JDJ Editors' Choice Awards, Java Micro Edition Editor selects JSR 62 (June 2003)
JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards, JSR 127, JSR 31 (9 May 2003)
Java Pro Readers' Choice Awards, The JCP honored for Outstanding Contribution
to the Java Community by a Group
(March 2002)
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